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1798 B-14, BB-122 Pointed 9 Close Date Rarity 3. PCGS graded EF-45. CAC Approved. Subset of PCGS # 40018. In a new secure plus holder. Condition Census. Medium wide date, 10.25 mm. across at bottom widest part. The 1 in date close to hair, 8 close to bust. Stars about equidistant from curl, L, Y, and bust, except that upper left star is a little closer to L. Ray of star 1 points to slightly left of center of a denticle. On the left there is more space between stars 6 and 7 than the other stars. On the right stars 8 and 9 have a smaller space between them than do any other stars. Obverse die used to strike 1798 BB-122 only.

The reverse has a claw that touches A in AMERICA; the only 1798 reverse with this feature. Five small berries, two top ones closest together. Point of leaf under left lower point of I in AMERICA. Star just misses touching point of upper part of eagle's beak, and in worn specimens appears to touch; star ray points to center of B in PLURIBUS. Line star pattern. 13 perfect arrows. Four rightmost shafts each have two arrowheads (total of eight arrowheads there); third shaft from left is thinner than normal; fourth shaft from left is much too thick. Reverse die used to strike 1798 BB-122 only. Pop 2; 1 finer in 55 for the variety (PCGS # 40039) .
Estimated Value $5,000-UP.
The Dr. Hesselgesser Collection.

Realized $5,405

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