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Lot 2845

1795 Flowing Hair Dollar. Silver plug. . B-7, BB-18, Probably Rarity 6 as a plug. PCGS graded EF-45. Lovely dark golden toning. Well struck. These silver flowing hair dollars of 1795 are known on several varieties, but usually on just a few coins of each. It is surmised that during the planchet making step, on occasion a planchet would be underweight. The normal procedure would be to melt it and try again. Someone thinker at the Mint hit upon the model of the 1792 silver center cent as an remedy. To drill out the center of the blank silver dollar planchet, insert a silver "plug" of the requisite weight standard, and to strike the coin normally. The plug would flatten out and merge into the body of the coin.

The BB-18 example offered displays unstoppable smooth color with tranquil beauty in the golden-brown and gray highlights. The rims are problem free, as are the devices. The strike is strong for what is often a problematic 1795 date. Softness, what there is, is focused only on the top waves of hair and, on the reverse, for a limited area of lightness at the breast on the eagle and the right wing. Pop 1; 1 finer in AU58. (PCGS # 39993) .

Die characteristics: This important Red Book variety has the head of 1794 with flowing hair in six curls. The lowest curl is very small and perfect, and touches the innermost point of star 1, as it continues to nearly complete a loop. Curl end is close to and extends toward innermost point on star 2. Reverse F, as it is called, has three leaves under each wing. It is the only 14-berry variety, seven berries on each branch. There is only one berry on the left branch of the wreath between eagle's wing and ribbon bow, and it is on the inside of wreath. Two berries below the D in UNITED. Conspicuous die flaws at the end of the left ribbon. E in AMERICA double punched at top. This reverse die was used to strike 1795 BB-18 as well as BB-19.
Estimated Value $25,000 - 30,000.
The Dr. Hesselgesser Duplicate Bust Dollar Collection.

Realized $34,500

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