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U.S. Statesmen & Political Leaders
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Lot 129
Clay, Henry; Folded Cover Free Frank (1777-1852) U.S. senator; member of Congress; leader of "War Hawk" faction. Folded letter cover free franked ("Free H. Clay") and addressed in Clay's hand to "Mess. Simon Gratz & Brother / Merchants / Philadelphia" Clay's black wax seal is intact and "H C" is clearly visible. With red circular postmark, "WASH CITY / MAR 15". Fine. Estimate Value $200 - 250
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Lot 130
Collection of Signed Presidential Candidates of the 20th Century. 1. Alf M. Landon (1887-1987). 26th Governor of Kansas; he was the Democratic party's nominee in the presidential election of 1936. Typed letter signed ("Alf M Landon"), on "State of Kansas / Office of the Governor" letterhead, one page, 7¼ x 10½", Topeka, Kansas, November 23, 1933. To Mr. Orville Arnold of Henryetta, Oklahoma, Scoutmaster to Troop 85 of the Boy Scouts of America. Fine. With a First Day Cover signed ("Alf M Landon"), New York, New York, November 26, 1945. Fine.
2. Thomas E. Dewey (1902-1971). 47th Governor of New York; he was the Republican nominee in the presidential election of 1944. First Day Cover signed ("Thomas E. Dewey"), New York, New York, November 26, 1945. Fine.
3. Henry A. Wallace (1888-1965). 33rd Vice President of the U.S.; he was the Progressive Party candidate for President in 1948. First Day Cover signed ("Henry A Wallace"), Washington, D.C., June 12, 1950. Fine.
4. Henry Cabot Lodge (1850-1924). U.S. senator and ambassador from Massachusetts; Republican nominee for Vice President in 1960. First Day Cover signed ("Henry Cabot Lodge"), Washington, D.C., August 9, 1974. Fine.
5. Hubert Humphrey (1911-1978). 38th Vice President of the United States; he was the Democratic candidate for President in 1968. First Day Cover signed ("Hubert H. Humphrey"), Washington, D.C., August 1, 1964. Fine.
6. Birch Bayh (1928 -). U.S. senator from Indiana; he was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President in 1976. First Day Cover signed ("Birch Bayh"), Miami Beach, Florida, July 1, 1966. Fine.
7. Edward "Ted" Kennedy (1932-2009). U.S. senator from Massachusetts; he attempted to win the Democratic nomination for President in 1980, but was defeated by incumbent President Jimmy Carter. First Day Cover signed ("Edward M. Kennedy"), Washington, D.C., August 1, 1964. Fine. Estimate Value $200 - 300
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Lot 131
Secretaries of War - 23 Signed Items From Andrew Jackson's to Herbert Hoover's Administration. Group of twenty-three (23) items signed by Secretaries of War, beginning with Andrew Jackson's administration and going through Calvin Coolidge's administration. The items include signed cards, signatures with date and sometimes title, signatures cut from documents, one cut free frank, a partial letter, a partial document, etc. An eclectic group of 19th and 20th century Secretaries of War. The names are listed, with the name of the president he served in parentheses. Condition ranges from good to very good. (23 items)

Lewis Cass (Jackson)
John Bell (W.H. Harrison & Tyler)
Charles M. Conrad (Fillmore)
Simon Cameron (Lincoln);
William W. Belknap (Grant)
Alphonse Taft (Grant)
James D. Cameron (Grant)
George W. McCrary (Hayes)
Alexander Ramsey (Hayes)
William C. Endicott (Cleveland)
Redfield Proctor (B. Harrison)
S.B. Elkins (B. Harrison)
Daniel S. Lamont (Cleveland)
Russell A. Alger (McKinley) - faded
Elihu Root (McKinley & T. Roosevelt)
Henry Stimson (Taft & FDR);
Jacob M. Dickinson (Taft)
Newton D. Baker (Wilson)
Lindley M. Garrison (Wilson)
John W. Weeks (Harding & Coolidge)
Dwight F. Davis (Coolidge)
James W. Good (Hoover)
George H. Dern (FDR). Estimate Value $500 - 750
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Lot 132
Senators, Governors, Members of Congress - 19th & 20th Century Group of Over 100. An eclectic group of signatures, primarily from the late 19th century and some from the early 20th century. Most are signed on cards, a few are on album pages, and a few on other types of paper. There are approximately 70 U.S. Senators, including the first woman senator (Hattie W. Caraway from Arkansas), and the first Mormon senator (Reed Smith from Utah). The remainder are governors and members of Congress, as well as a couple of cabinet members. This group should be examined personally to be appreciated. Overall condition is very good. Estimate Value $800 - 1,000
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Lot 133
Modern Political Figures & Supreme Court Justices Autograph Group (x29). Selection of 29 signed covers and other items. Includes 5 covers and 3 cards signed by President Gerald Ford, three 18¢ Alcoholism postage stamp first day covers (FDC) signed by First Lady Betty Ford and Elizabeth Dole signed FDC and card. ALSO includes Supreme Court Justices with covers signed by William Rehnquist (x3), David Souter (x2), Clarence Thomas (x3), Sandra Day O'Conner, John Paul Stevens and Ruth Bader Ginsberg with 4 covers and her personal Supreme Court Chambers card. Bold signatures with cover cachets appropriate to signers. Fine to very fine. Estimate Value $400 - 600
From The Collection of Michael Scherzi.
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Lot 134
Burr, Aaron - 1786 Letter Signed (1756-1836) Revolutionary War officer, Vice President under Thomas Jefferson (1801-1805); best known for mortally wounding Alexander Hamilton in a duel in 1804. Manuscript letter signed "Aaron Burr, 2 pages, 8¾ x 6¾", New York, July 20, 1786. To William Channing in Newport, Long Island. In part: "Sir, I inclose you an account against a partnership, one of which / Mumford / I am informed is now in your State,and of sufficient property. He professes to sail for England in a few Days…." He asks Channing to take measures to collect the debt and adds, "Mr. Pierpont Edwards has done me the favor to give me your address & to assure that I may have the utmost relyance on your abilities & attention…." Last paragraph of the letter is difficult to read; text of letter has some fading, show-through, a few small holes in the text, and scattered toning. The signature, however is quite bold. Matted with an engraving of Burr and framed to an overall size of 13½ x 19". Estimate Value $600 - 800
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Lot 135
Hiss, Alger - The McCarthy Era Alleged Communist Spy Whose Case Jump-started Richard Nixon's Career (1904-1996) U.S. State Department official convicted of perjury in January 1950 regarding his dealings with Whittaker Chambers, who accused Hiss of membership in a communist espionage ring. His case came at a time of growing apprehension about the domestic influence of communism and seemed to lend substance to Senator Joseph R. McCarthy's sensational claims of communist infiltration into the State Department. The case also brought to national attention Richard M. Nixon, a first-term Republican congressman from California who was prominent in the investigation that led to the indictment of Hiss.
Long autograph letter signed, 2 ½ pages, 5 x 8 in., New York, May 11,1950. Hiss writes this unpublished letter to a friend (Reverend) Dr. (Walter) Bennett.
Included are two letters by Hiss's wife, Priscilla, related to his appeal and sentence, a 1954 Christmas card in the hand of Priscilla, and a letter from his lawyer, Chester Lane, dated March 20, 1952, to Dr. Bennett thanking him for encouragement and stating, "In these days, fighting a case with the overtones and passion and prejudice of the Hiss case is a rather lonely and unpopular business…". Estimate Value $600 - 800
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Lot 136
Memorabilia of Governors and other Statesmen. TLS by Thomas E. Dewey, as District Attorney of NY, 1939; TLS by Sam Rayburn, as speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives; TLS by Fiorella LaGuardia, as Mayor of NYC, 1942; TLS by Henry M. Jackson as U.S. representative; ISP by James A. Farley, Postmaster General for FDR, no date; and card signed by Gov. George Wallace, 1978. With a group of nine cards admitting the bearer to the House of Representatives (7) and to the Senate (2), dated from 1922 to 1953.

Also present are invitations to gubernatorial inaugural festivities for the following states and years: West Virginia, 1877; Texas, 1927; Washington, 1917; New York, 1927; Florida, 1949; Texas, 1957; Massachusetts, 1961; Texas, 1963; Michigan, 1965; Georgia, 1971; Maryland, 1971; Connecticut, 1979; Iowa, 1965; Florida, 1983; California, 1987; Texas, 1991; Pennsylvania, 1995; Texas, 2000; and California, 2003.

Other miscellaneous political memorabilia includes Stevenson/Kefauver presidential campaign program, 1956; an invitation to the Golden Jubilee of the Republican Party, 1906, a Jefferson Day Dinner, sponsored by the Democratic National Committee, 1947; and a program of ceremonies dedicating President Franklin Roosevelt's home, Hyde Park, as a national historic site, 1946. Estimate Value $200 - 300
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Lot 137
Webster, Daniel - The Famous Orator Signs a Large Check to "Self" (1782-1852) Statesman, senator, and famous orator. Check in the amount of $2,219.00 signed "Danl Webster" and made out to "self" in the hand of a secretary, 2½ x 6", Washington City, 16th November, 1844. The check is imprinted "Corcoran & Riggs" and has a decorative border at left margin. Minor toning; two small tape remnants at right margin on verso.

Webster represented first New Hampshire, then Massachusetts in the House of Representives, and served as U.S. senator from Massachusetts. In the Senate, he was a member of the "Great Triumvirate," along with Henry Clay of Kentucky and John Calhoun from South Carolina. In an effort to avert civil war, he worked with Henry Clay to pass the Compromise of 1850. Webster also served as Secretary of State under three Presidents (W.H. Harrison, Tyler, and Fillmore). In 1842, he negotiated the WebsterAshburton Treaty with Great Britain, which established the border between the United States and Canada east of the Rocky Mountains. Estimate Value $200 - 300
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