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January 25-28, 2015 Pre Long Beach

Confederate Notes
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Lot 922
  April 4, 1864 Confederate States Treasury Sight Draft. PCGS About New 50, Cut Cancelled. While warrants of this type are seen in the collectible marketplace from time to time, this example is eye-catching because of the issue amount. It is payable for $1,140,000 to the Confederate army stationed in Shreveport, Louisiana, and represents a transfer of funds (at least on paper) from the C.S.A. Treasury in Richmond. It is, of course, unlikely that the Confederate government was capable of transferring this amount of money in gold as late as April, 1864, from Virginia to Louisiana. In fact, the transport of even paper currency at that great distance, through the Union-held lines that by then had split the South into two halves at the Mississippi River, could only be done at great risk. A transfer of this amount of money could only be done via a draft, and given the state of finances of the Confederate government this was undoubtedly a purely "fiat" transaction. It is cancelled, which indicates that it did at least reach its intended destination-and back or redemption. It is a fascinating piece of financial history from the Civil War, and one that will intrigue any collector with an appreciation for the history of this conflict.
Estimated Value $200 - 300.
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Lot 923
Feb. 8, 1865 Confederate States Navy Warrant. PCGS Very Fine 35. A second piece of Confederate financial history, this payable to a paymaster for the Confederate States Navy in the amount of $60,000. Considering that there wasn't much of a Confederate Navy in existence by this late date in the war due to the stranglehold of blockades by the Union Navy, it is possible that this was issued to help pay for the blockade runners that continued to attempt to shuttle supplies from the outside world into the beleaguered Confederacy.
Estimated Value $200 - 300.
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Lot 924
Civil War Union Amnesty Oath Certificate. This intriguing piece of American history represents the official documentation that Lt. Andrew J. Barrett, who served in Company J of the 22nd Virginia Infantry Regiment of the Confederate Army. It is accompanied by two small pieces of research information regarding the service of Lt. Barrett, along with a brief history of the regiment. The certificate itself is split and tape repaired in places, but both the printed and handwritten inks are bold and fully legible.
Estimated Value $100 - 150.
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Lot 925
1867 $2 North Carolina printed over a $3 note on the reverse. Dated October 1st, 1867. The note is in Good condition with some edge nicks.
Estimated Value $50-UP.
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