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The Pre-Long Beach Sale

Byzantine Coinage
Lot Photo Description Realized
Lot 1582
Justin II. Silver 1/2 Siliqua (0.64 g), 565-578. Ravenna. D N IVTI-NVS P P AVG, diademed and draped bust of Justin II right. Reverse: Cristogram in the form of a cross potent between two stars within wreath. DOC 215; Ranieri 428-9; MIB II 41; SB 413. Good strike on choice metal. Darkly toned. An excellent example of this scarce issue. About Extremely Fine.
Estimated Value $800 - 900.
Ex Millennia Collection (26 May 2008), 164.

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Lot 1583
Constantine IX Monomachus. Gold Histamenon Nomisma (4.3 g), 1042-1055. Constantinople. Christ Pantokrator, nimbate, enthroned facing, raising hand in benediction and holding Gospels. Reverse: Crowned facing bust of Constantine, wearing loros, holding labarum and globus cruciger. DOC 2b; SB 1829. Extremely Fine.
Estimated Value $600 - 800.
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Lot 1584
John II Comnenus. Gold Hyperpyron (4.3 g), 1118-1143. Constantinople, 1118-1122. Christ Pantokrator, nimbate, seated facing on backless throne, raising hand in bendiction and holding Gospels; across field by nimbus, IC-XC. Reverse: John, on left, being crowned by the Virgin, on right, both standing facing; the Virgin, wears nimbus crown, pallium, and maphorium; John, wears divitision and loros, holds labarum and akakia; between heads, MΘ; in left field, five line legend of Iω / ΔEC / ΠOT / Tω / Π; in right field, five line legend of ΦV / PO / ΓE / NH / T. DOC 2; SB 1939. Choice Very Fine.
Estimated Value $600 - 700.
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Lot 1585
Empire of Trebizond. Alexius II. Silver Asper (2.36 g), 1297-1330. Struck AD 1297-1330. Saint Eugenius on horseback right, holding cruciform scepter; in right field, cross. Reverse: Alexius on horseback right, holding scepter. Retowski 8; SB 2619. NGC grade Mint State; Strike: 4/5, Surface: 5/5. Lightly toned.
Estimated Value $250 - 350.
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