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Flowing Hair Cents
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Lot 126
1793 S-1 R4 Chain AMERI. PCGS graded Fine-12. Somewhat glossy dark chocolate brown and olive with lighter chocolate toning on the highpoints on the obverse. The planchet is decent, especially for a Chain AMERI, but a glass reveals uniform microscopic roughness covering both sides. No verdigris and only a few contact marks. The notable ones are a fine scratch arcing through the date, a nick in the hair left of the ear, a thin nick under the M in AMERI, and a small rim nick over the N in UNITED. The date is relatively weak (a characteristic of this obverse die) but it is easily readable and the legends are strong. EDS+, Breen state II, with a faint bulge at the U in UNITED. Our grade is VG10+ sharpness net VG8+ (and the reverse is a solid F12). The AMERI. feature is noted on the PCGS label. Only 36,103 struck.
Estimated Value $18,000-UP.
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Lot 127
1793 S-3 R3- Chain AMERICA VG8. Sharpness F12, even better on the reverse, but there are numerous rim bruises around both sides, and a few of those have been very lightly smoothed to minimize their impact. In addition there are some light contact marks scattered over both sides, including a dull nick on the end of the chin and a short scratch through the I in LIBERTY. A shallow planchet chip out of the throat is a good identifying mark. No roughness or verdigris. Nicely recolored glossy medium chocolate brown. The date and legends are complete and clear. M-LDS, Breen state III early. Clear die clashmarks show along the profile and under the truncation. Not perfect but certainly a decent example of our very popular Chain AMERICA cent.
Estimated Value $4,000-UP.
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Lot 128
1793 S-3 R3- Chain AMERICA AG3+. Sharpness at least a point better but two-thirds of the obverse shows fine hairline scratches that blend into the attractive glossy chocolate brown toning. Most of the planchet is perfectly smooth but there are some tiny pits hidden in the hair at the back of the head. The reverse is choice for the grade. MDS, Breen state II, with light die clashmarks on both sides. The date is readable but the 17 is weak. The legends are easily readable and the chain is strong. Overall a nice low grade example of one of our most popular coins.
Estimated Value $2,000-UP.
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Lot 129
1793 S-3 R3- Chain AMERICA Fair-2. A bit sharper but the fields and protected areas display fine roughness. No verdigris and only a few light contact marks. The notable ones are a nick on the eye and a small pit in the field behind the middle curls. In addition a strong glass reveals "1793" very lightly scratched into the center of the portrait. Mostly glossy light chocolate brown and steel toning under the portrait. The 793 is easily readable but those digits are not complete and the 1 is faint. The chain is clear but most of the legend outside the chain is faint or missing.
Estimated Value $1,500-UP.
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