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Draped Bust Half Dollars
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Lot 864
1806. O-118a, Rarity-3. NGC graded MS-64. Mostly well struck on a particularly pleasing mark-free planchet with lots of underlying mint luster visible beneath the attractive antique cabinet toning. An ideal example for a choice quality type set.

Late die state where the reverse die shattered and shows extensive breaks. The die crack through O(F) is much heavier with a patch broken out inside of O and extends across the clouds to the stars. Another from 2 stars crosses the eagle's neck, shield, arrows and to the milling below the left claw. Two or three other cracks in the stars and across the arrow shafts. Yet another crack from the milling above N connects ITED at top, crosses tip of the eagle's wing, joins STAT and to the milling above E.

This is a particularly satiny and lustrous MS64, with old-silver toning over both sides. The strike much sharper than on many 1806 Half Dollar issues, although perhaps a hint of weakness is seen at the ribbon bow at the back of Liberty's hair; while most but not all stars show well-formed rays. Regarding the strike at the eagle, every area is strong except where the left wing meets the shield. Rims very choice, free of blemishes.

Following the lead of the Dollars (1798) and the Dimes and Half Dimes (1800), the first Half Dollars minted after 1797 bore the new Heraldic Eagle design, Scot's copy of the Great Seal of the United States (1782) and appeared in 1801. This device punch lacked stars, berries, and also the end of stem; it also misplaced the warlike arrows in the eagle's dexter or right claw (observer's left), the peaceful olive branch in the less honorable sinister claw. Die determination comes from the placement of these stars, the lettering and leaves, as well as the position of the legend over the clouds, etc. Each die shows unique characteristics and "character" which lends further charm to the entire 1801-07 Heraldic Eagle group of Half Dollars.

The production of 1806 half dollars was in total more than the total of all years prior, from 1794 to date. The 839,576 estimated production included twenty-eight known die marriages, although there is always a possibility more will be discovered.

The 1806 die varieties can be grouped into major types. The obverses are classified by the punches used in the date. The major types are knobbed top six and pointed top six. This pointed top six is the only time this type of numeral punch was used in the entire series to 1836. All of the other six and nine punches have a knob. The knobbed top six obverse is also subdivided by size of stars, with large or small star punches used.

The reverses are group by the stem of the olive branch not extending through the claw and later extending through the claw. Pop 27; 9 finer, 1 in 64+, 5 in 65, 1 in 65 Star, 2 in 66.
Estimated Value $20,000-UP.
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Lot 865
1806, 6 over 5. Overton-101, Rarity 3. NGC graded VF Details, Improperly Cleaned.
Estimated Value $250 - 300.
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Lot 866
1806. Pointed 6, Stem Not Through Claw Overton-109 Rarity 1. NGC graded AU-55. CAC Approved. Nice old time toning gives this a splendid appearance. There are details aplenty in the hair waves and curls, Liberty's drapery (fromm whence the name Draped Bust comes), and on the large eagle. Most obverse stars are flat, although a few at the lower right do show nice detail. All in all a very presentably early Bust Half Dollar of this period. The Draped Bust design was used only from 1801 until 1807. Pop 8; 11 finer at NGC for the variety.
Estimated Value $4,000 - 4,500.
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Lot 867
1806. Pointed 6, stem not through claw. Overton-109, Rarity 1. PCGS graded VF Details, Cleaning. Nice old time toning. A desirable Red Book variety lacking the stem's end (this feature was apparently entered in a separate step by the die maker when preparing the reverse dies for the Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle coins (PCGS # 6073) .
Estimated Value $250 - 300.
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Lot 868
1807. PCGS graded Good-6. Nice light old time toning (PCGS # 6079) .
Estimated Value $140 - 150.
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