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Lot 3889
  Miscellaneous lot. France. 5 Francs, 1870-A; Germany. 50 Million Mark, 1923; Japan. 1 Yen; Netherlands-Utrecht. 1 Gulden, 1764; Poland-Danzig. Orte, 1623. Lot of 5 coins. Fine to Extremely Fine.
Estimated Value $75 - 100.
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Lot 3890
  Withdrawn Unsold
Lot 3891
  Worldwide. An old collection of primitive money. An interesting and varied group comprising currencies, barter pieces, and bride/dowry items from the Near East, the Far East, along with few pieces from the Pre-Columbian Americas, Africa, and Colonial America. From the area of the Mekong Delta, the Golden Triangle, and Southeast Asia: an example each of the crudely cast discs, Pig's mouth money in copper from Burma or Siam, along a similar "leaf" money in base silver from Siam. Other simple monies include the unadorned "canoe money," similar to the Laotian lahts; the always appealing "elephant head" money, in cast tin, bean-shaped with an image of an elephant on one side, punch stamps on the other; and, a fine, early Siamese "saddle money," a wrought silver ring, stamped, the split and folded. Bride wealth, or personal barter objects include antique jewelry objects such as wrought and elaborately chased silver bracelets or anklets, one with remaining gilding, from the Mekong or Siam, along with two handsome s-shaped earrings of the Meo tribe, and two elaborate necklaces with the usual "soul lock" pendant.
From China comes some of the earliest currencies: two pieces of bronze "ant nose" money, a finely patinated example of "hoe" money, and two specimens of "knife" money, one ancient and one a later (19th century) replica, and an antique "pi," a pierced disc, in grayish marble or alabaster. Along with these a "necklace" of over 200 mostly imitation Chinese cash coins in brass and bronze, plus a larger and more elaborate "amuletic" cash.
From elsewhere in Asia, and the Near East: a silver larin, Persian or Ceylonese, stamped silver wire bent into a fish hook shape. Also, personal and bride price jewelry: an antique strand of amber beads from China or Central Asia, so old that the surfaces have developed a cracquelure; an old necklace, said to be from Turkey, with large and elaborate metal beads, with tinkling pendants; plus a well used bowl and stem from an antique opium pipe.
From the Americas, come such classic antiquities as Aztec "hoe" money, a Pre-Columbian bead in gypsum or fluorite, said to have been found in Brownwood, Texas; plus colonial wampum; a Dutch molded clay pipe bowl; plus more objects, some obvious, some inscrutable.
From Africa: the classic, bronze manila, European made; an ancient stone bead, in feldspar, and a bronze bell. Rounding out the collection, an ancient bronze bar (or chisel) said to be from Britain; plus an example of Celtic ring money.
A fascinating offering and well worth your investigation.
Estimated Value $2,000-UP.
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Lot 3892
  Miscellaneous lot of Bahamas and British coins. This lot includes the following: a 1972 Bahamas Proof set, 1973 Bahamas Proof set, 1974 Bahamas Proof set, 1976 Bahamas Proof set, 4 Bahama silver coins, 1 1965 Churchill crown, 4 1971 British decimal sets.
Estimated Value $75 - 100.
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