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Large Cents
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Lot 115
1793 S-1 R4 Chain AMERI. Electrotype Copy VF35. Glossy medium brown and light chocolate with specks of olive brown toning sprinkled over the obverse. The only defects are a nick-like depression in the field above the 7 in the date and some of the base metal showing along the rim over TATES. A nicely executed electrotype copy of a genuine MDS example of our first large cent variety. Estimated Value $150-UP
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Lot 116
1793 S-2 R4+ Chain AMERICA AU58. Lustrous light olive brown and steel with faded red peeking through in protected areas on both sides. No spots or signs of contact. The only marks are some microscopic planchet chips in the field behind the portrait, all as struck, and a very subtle splash of slightly darker toning near the rim left of the middle curls. This Chain Cent offers exceptional eye appeal, but a glass reveals that the field outside the link of chains may have been very lightly smoothed. Some have speculated that the highpoints of the Ms Liberty's hair also may have been delicately smoothed, but we feel this is doubtful. The highest points of the hair at the ear and along the neck appear to be flat from the strike, not from friction. The remainder of the obverse shows no hint of smoothing and the frosty luster remains unbroken. Curiously, this cent used to be housed in a PCGS MS63 Red & Brown holder, and it was sold in that holder in the Auction '89, Auction '90, Heritage 10/1990, and Bowers & Merena 1/1993 sales (see the provenance data below). At that time this was the only 1793 Chain Cent of any die variety that had been graded Mint State by PCGS. Why it was removed from that holder remains a mystery, and PCGS has refused to reholder it at the original grade. The lot descriptions and accompanying photos of this cent in the four sale catalogs suggest the coin has not changed in any way. Del Bland lists this piece as the only true mint state example of the variety in his census (which is the same condition census that is listed in the Breen encyclopedia). Noyes feels it was lightly smoothed and lists it as net AU50, tied for CC#6 in his census (his photo #35070). We settled on net AU58, but this beautiful cent certainly has choice mint state eye appeal and may deserve a mint state grade. LDS, Breen state II, with clear die clashmarks in the field below the truncation and a very subtle wave through the bases of the 793. This is the plate coin for the variety in Walter Breen's Encyclopedia of United States Large Cents 1793-1814 (although the caption under those photos indicates the die state is Breen-I when it is clearly Breen-II). Estimated Value $100,000-UP

Ex Frederick C. C. Boyd 1957-New Netherlands Coin Co. #50, 12/6/1957:881-Corrado Romano, Stack's 6/1987:145-Martin Paul, Superior 1/1988:50-Martin Paul-Dr. Kenneth Baer, Auction '89 (David Akers) 7/8/1989:1003 (as PCGS MS63 Red & Brown)-American Rare Coin Fund LP (Hugh Sconyers, manager)-Auction '90 (Superior) 8/11/1990:1007 (as PCGS MS63 Red & Brown)-Martin Haber, Heritage 10/1990:453 (as PCGS MS63 Red & Brown)-unknown-Bowers & Merena 1/7/1993:217 (as PCGS MS63 Red & Brown)-unknown-Superior Stamp & Coin Co. (privately)-Spectrum Numismatics 9/1996-Walter Husak, Heritage 2/15/2008:2001.

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Lot 117
1793 S-5 R4 Wreath Cent with Large LIBERTY AG3. Vine & Bars Edge. Sharpness VG8 but slightly rough and flattened around the rims on both sides. The date is no longer visible but most of the legends remain easily readable, including the large LIBERTY. No verdigris. Mostly glossy chocolate brown and steel. Estimated Value $500-UP
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Lot 118
1793 S-6 R3 Wreath Cent VF35+. Glossy light olive brown and chocolate. The surfaces are smooth and choice, virtually flawless. A solid EF40 cent if not for two dull rim nicks at K-9 on the obverse. Great eye appeal, very close to EF40. A premium Wreath Cent. E-MDS, Breen state II, with an obvious horizontal wave in the field behind the portrait, trademark of this so-called "Sprung Die" variety. Removed from a PCGS slab graded AU50 (PCGS label included, certificate #1347.50/2775016). Estimated Value $10,000-UP

Ex Stacks 1/15/08:8021 (via Chris McCawley)-Dan Holmes, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 9/6/2009:10 (Dan Holmes collection envelope and lot ticket included)-Wes Rasmussen collection.

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Lot 119
1793 S-8/9/NC-4 Wreath Cent Uniface Obverse Electrotype Copy F12. The obverse side is an attractive glossy chocolate brown with a planchet lamination at the rim left of the lower curls. The reverse is a gray base metal. Looks like this was a complete electrotype copy that lost its copper reverse shell. Estimated Value $50-UP
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Lot 120
1793 S-9 R2 Wreath Cent VG8+. Vine & Bars Edge. Close to VG10 but it was very lightly cleaned. The planchet is smooth and has only a few small contact marks, including a half dozen minor rim nicks, the strongest of these over ES in STATES, and a tiny dig under the F in OF. Glossy medium brown and light olive blending to light chocolate brown in protected areas on the reverse. The date and legends are complete and clear. EDS, Breen state I, prior to any die cracks on the reverse. Estimated Value $2,000-UP
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Lot 121
1793 S-11b R4 Wreath Cent with Lettered Edge PCGS Genuine. Variety with two leaves following DOLLAR on the lettered edge. Sharpness G5 but there is minor roughness on both sides plus a couple significant rim dents right of the fraction. Slightly glossy light to medium brown with darker chocolate in protected areas on the reverse. The date is weak but can be made out with a dose of imagination and most of the legends are readable. The edge lettering and two leaves following DOLLAR are clear. Our grade is net AG3. Estimated Value $800-UP
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