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Seated Liberty Half Dimes
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Lot 1410
1837. No Stars, Small Date. PCGS graded MS-64. CAC Approved. A little jewel featuring a needle sharp strike and lustrous surfaces over laid with delicate hues of natural pastel toning. This resplendent coin displays much appeal from underlying luster in the fields. A generous amount of crisp detail for the type as well, including those areas with the usual weak metal flows into the deepest channels of the dies leaving the centers bold. Pop 41; 37 finer (PCGS # 4312) Estimated Value $1,400 - 1,500
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Lot 1411
1838. Stars, No Drapery. NGC graded MS-67. CAC Approved. A needle sharp strike and beautifully toned. The surfaces on both sides feature a natural blending of violet, rose, and turquoise colors. A fabulous example of this popular no drapery type coins. For the type collector who chooses to go for finest most superb coins for his collection, we are proud to present this eye-catching No Drapery half dime. The surfaces glow with a kaleidoscope of iridescent purple and blue hues. The photographs, thanks to our proficient photographer, do it full justice. Coruscating mint luster is seen below and through the vibrancy, projecting the toning outwards and upwards, while the devices are completely sharp from a crisp blow from the dies. Blemish-free, this Gem is among the most impressive No Drapery half dimes known to the two major grading services. Housed in an Old Style Holder. Pop 21; 9 finer, 2 in 67 Star, 2 in 68, 5 in 68 Star.
Die notes: From Jan. 1838 through Nov. 1840, half-dime working dies came from the old starless hub of 1837, but with 13 stars added by hand into each die (about 18 obverses in all for Philadelphia, 10 for New Orleans). Stars therefore vary in spacing, never completely even; they also vary slightly in size according to how forcefully they were entered into each die, or how much the working dies were later repolished. Double punching on stars is the rule, not the exception. Estimated Value $7,500-UP
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Lot 1412
1853. With Arrows, Dot Below 5. FS-401. PCGS graded Genuine. Surface Damage - AU Details. The only example reported. Rumored to be a record specimen, but never confirmed.

The 1853 Seated Liberty Half Dime "with Arrows" Dot Below 5 became a controversial piece since it firstly reported by Linda Hagopian in 1999. One might just consider the dot as being an random die chip at the first glance. However, if examined under a magnifier, it is clear that the dot was struck intentionally. Numismatists still couldn't figure out the exact purpose of the dot, and therefore, still cannot identify the coin as an independent variety. One possible reason given by Ken Potter is that the dot was "used to 'locate' the stationary end of a compass", this explanation was also confirmed by Joseph E. Dinardo, a New York sculptor, engraver, and minter. But the controversies still exist, such as "why no other examples have been found in the dozen years". Therefore, the Hagopian's piece remains to be the only specimen, and the reason for the existence of the variety still remains as a mystery. Estimated Value $1,000-UP
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Lot 1413
1856. NGC graded Proof 63. A needle sharp strike with mirror fields and lightly toned. In an old style NGC holder. Probably less than 50 struck. Pop 3; 13 finer. Estimated Value $2,500 - 2,800
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Lot 1414
1857. NGC graded Proof 64. A needle sharp strike with full proof surfaces overlayed with natural hues of deep blue and violet iridescent toning. A stunning example. In an old style NGC holder. Probably about 50 - 75 pieces struck. Pop 10; 17 finer, 11 in 65, 3 in 66, 3 in 67. Estimated Value $2,500 - 2,800
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