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Sale 75

September Pre Long Beach

Liberty Cap Half Cents
Lot Photo Description Realized
Lot 67
1794 C-1b R6 Small Edge Letters F12. Slightly sharper but there are some fine old scratches at the top of the reverse, and a couple of the stronger ones extend down into the top of the wreath. The marks are old and blend perfectly into the glossy chocolate brown and steel toning. The surfaces are mostly smooth but a strong glass reveals extremely fine granularity in protected areas on both sides. No verdigris or other distractions. The date and legends are complete and clear. The Small Edge Letters are bold, and they differentiate this variety from the much more common Large Edge Letters version. MDS, Manley state 1.0, before the bulge at the top of the wreath. An attractive example of this very tough variety, tied for CC#5 honors in the Spurlock condition census and CC#2 in the older Breen census. Weight 99.4 grains. And it comes with a provenance that includes several distinguished half cent collectors. Estimated Value $3,000-UP

Ex Kagin's 1977 ANA Sale, 8/23/1977:140-Tony Terranova-Richard Gross-Roger S. Cohen, Jr. 10/1977-William K. Raymond 1/1978-Bill Weber 5/1989-Ken Seachman 4/13/2001-Bob Yuell (the Whister Collection), McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 9/4/2011:6 (lot ticket included).

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Lot 68
1794 C-4a R3 VG8. Small Edge Letters. Sharpness F12 or a bit better but covered with uniform fine to moderate granularity under slightly glossy dark olive brown toning. No marks or verdigris. The date is clear and the legends are readable although a few letters are weak. M-LDS, Manley state 3.0, with obvious swelling at the lowest curl. Weight 98.6 grains. Estimated Value $600-UP
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Lot 69
1794 C-8 R5 VG10. Sharpness F12 or slightly better but dull, shallow scrape marks cover the field around the date and under the cap, apparently left behind when some shallow reddish scale was removed (although traces remain). The scrape marks do not alter the mostly glossy chocolate brown and steel toning. The date was weakened a bit by the scraping, but it is complete and easily readable. The legends are strong. The only other notable mark is a tiny rim bruise at the E in UNITED. M-LDS, Manley state 2.0. A radial die crack extends down from the rim through the second T in STATES and into the leaves below and the reverse is rotated 20 degrees CCW. Weight 107.2 grains. Estimated Value $2,000-UP
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Lot 70
1795 C-2a R3 Punctuated date with Lettered Edge G6. A couple points sharper but the portrait and area inside the wreath are covered with old, faint hairline scratches that blend perfectly into the slightly glossy dark chocolate brown toning. No verdigris or additional marks. The date is bold and the punctuation is obvious. LDS, Manley state 3.0, with strong swelling that nearly obliterates F-AMER. The large edge letters are complete and strong. Weight 103.9 grains. Estimated Value $400-UP
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Lot 71
1795 C-3 R5+ Punctuated Date with Plain Edge AG3. Sharpness VG7 but banged up a bit so the planchet is bent. In addition a crude circle was scratched into the center of the obverse. Fortunately the planchet is void of any trace of corrosion or verdigris, and the toning is an attractive glossy chocolate brown and steel. The date and legends are strong except for HALF CENT, which is nearly gone. The comma between the 1 & 7 in the date is easily visible. Weight 75.2 grains. Estimated Value $400-UP

Ex McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 9/20/2010:665 (lot ticket included).

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