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June Long Beach Coin Auction

National Bank Notes - Large
Lot Photo Description Realized
Lot 2396
Original Series, $1 National Bank Note. The New Castle County NB, Odessa, DE. Ch. #1281. PCGS Fine 15 Apparent. Fr-380. . Fr-380. . KL-1086. Although well-circulated, this note displays attractive eye appeal for the grade, with the Apparent designation assigned due to a small edge split at top left of center. This example displays overall even color and circulation, with the red ink remaining bold and the signatures clearly visible.
Estimated Value $1,500 - 2,250.
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Lot 2397
1875, $20 National Bank Note. The First NB, Los Angeles, CA. Ch. #2491. PCGS Very Good 10 Apparent. Fr-434. KL-1252. . Fr-434. . KL-1252. As the grade indicates, this is a well-circulated note, however this piece remains very desirable due to its rarity. The Apparent grade was assigned due to edge and internal tears and repairs. Despite the level of wear, the majority of the design elements retain a nice level of detail.
Estimated Value $9,500 - 14,500.
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Lot 2398
1882, $20 National Bank Note. The Oakland NB, Oakland, IL. Ch. #2212. PCGS Fine 12. . Fr-501. . KL-1266. The signatures fill almost the entire width of the note on this example. Currently, only one $20 Brown Back from the charter number is listed in the National Bank Note Census. Our estimate may prove conservative.
Estimated Value $1,000 - 1,500.
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Lot 2399
1882, $20 National Bank Note. The San Miguel NB, Las Vegas, New Mexico Territory. Ch. #2454. PCGS Very Fine 30PPQ. Fr-50. . Fr-504. . KL-1269. A wonderfully original note, this $20 Territorial Brown Back has numerous attributes, including attractive color, great embossing, and terrific eye appeal. The bank was in existence from 1880 until it was liquidated at the beginning of 1920. The majority of survivors from this bank are $10 notes. Only two $20 Date Backs are recorded in the National Bank Note Census, with this the sole $20 Brown Back listed. The note realized $2600 in a 1987 Hickman & Oakes sale.
Estimated Value $6,000 - 9,000.
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Lot 2400
1902, $5 National Bank Note. The First NB, San Fernando, CA. Ch. #9575. PCGS Very Fine 35PPQ. Fr-600. KL-1157. . Fr-600. . KL-1157. An attractive, well-preserved note exhibiting originality, this Plain Back has three wide margins. Nice signatures and good color add to the eye appeal of this example. With very few large-aize survivors from this bank and the pleasing quality of this example, our estimate may well be eclipsed. Auction appearances are few and far between for this bank, so competition will likely be strong for this lovely piece.
Estimated Value $7,500 - 12,500.
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Lot 2401
1902, $5 National Bank Note. The Berlin NB, Berlin, NH. Ch. #4523. PCGS Very Fine 20. Fr-601. KL-1158. . Fr-601. . KL-1158. A circulated Plain Back retaining nice eye appeal, the note displays overall even color and circulation and the signatures remain clearly visible. Our estimate may prove to be rather conservative as the number of large-size survivors from this bank stands at roughly a dozen, including all types and denominations, and the pieces are tightly held.
Estimated Value $2,000 - 3,000.
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Lot 2402
Clifton, KS - $10-$10-$10-$20 1902 Date Back Fr. 616/642 The First NB Ch. # (W)7178 Uncut Sheet. PCGS Choice New 63PPQ. . Fr-616/642. . KL-1219. This Washington County bank was chartered in March 1904 and issued 1902 Red Seals, Date Backs and Plain Backs, along with 1929 Type I notes. Bold embossing and natural paper wave add to the visual appeal of this lovely uncut sheet of four. Uncut sheets of Nationals are currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and auction results have steadily advanced in recent months.
Estimated Value $7,500 - 10,000.
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Lot 2403
1902, $10 National Bank Note. The State NB, St. Louis, MO. Ch. #5172. PCGS Choice About New 58PPQ. Fr-632. KL-1236. . Fr-632. . KL-1236. This bank was chartered on January 21, 1899 and was liquidated during The Great Depression on June 29, 1929. Embossing, bold signatures, nice margins, bright paper, and dark inks combine to provide this very lightly handled note with an exceptional appearance.
Estimated Value $250 - 350.
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Lot 2404
1902, $10 National Bank Note. The Peoples NB, Elizabeth, NJ. Ch. #11744. PCGS Very Fine 25. Fr-633. KL-1237. . Fr-633. . KL-1237. The blue ink remains bold on this circulated example that retains nice eye appeal, due in part to uninterrupted design elements. The note retains good color overall. The signatures are no longer present.
Estimated Value $450 - 650.
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