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$5 Capped Draped Bust
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Lot 1493
1808 $5 Capped Draped Bust. . BD-4, Breen-6457, Wide 5D variety. NGC graded AU-58. Frosty and untoned. Still frosty luster swirls over attractive lightly toned surfaces and is most in evidence within the devices and around the date, stars and legends. Light yellow gold with some sedate smooth tones and only a few very minute marks, highly original and very attractive. Careful examination reveals a few marks around the date and a reverse that is almost entirely frosted, including the open, least protected areas where one might find wear. The strike, as usually seen on this 1808 issue, is complete and finely detailed, with bold delineation of the hair, cap, drapery and on the eagle, feathers, claws, shield and scroll. No traces of clash marks, which is beneficial. The eye appeal of this coin actually strikes the cataloger as superior to most similarly graded AU58 Capped Bust Half Eagles of the period struck from 1807 to 1812. A choice type coin, ideal for inclusion in an advanced gold collection. Pop 37; 93 finer (PCGS # 8102) .
Estimated Value $9,000 - 9,500.
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Lot 1494
1809/8 $5 Capped Draped Bust. NGC graded MS-63+. Well struck, frosty, and untoned. Pop 1; 34 finer, 23 in 64, 2 in 64+, 9 in 65. A half eagle that has choice characteristics throughout: extremely sharp strike, vibrant greenish golden luster with attractive MS63-or-higher quality surfaces, undisturbed planchet, and superior eye appeal. Of course, the overdate feature adds interest as well. It is something to contemplate the bold striking and eye appeal that characterize this 200+ year old coin! This provides a great opportunity.

The Breen 1-A overdate is the only die variety known for this year. This crisp specimen shows a single set of clash marks on the reverse, which is a leftover die from 1808. Nowhere near as common in Mint State grades as the population figures might suggest. The design comprises John Reich's familiar design: Capped Bust to left, style of 1807-1812. Motif somewhat similar to that used on the contemporary half dollar. Reverse with perched eagle, inscriptions, motto and denomination. Small chip out of one point on the 13th star (the one next to the 9 in the date), and believed to be a hidden "signature" of the die maker, Reich (PCGS # 8104) .
Estimated Value $23,000 - 25,000.
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Lot 1495
1810. Large Date, Large 5. . Breen-6459. PCGS graded MS-64. Frosty and lightly toned. Advanced numismatists the world over are familiar with the rare United States early gold pieces. Many have tackled the Capped Bust Left half eagle series, which was struck from 1807 and 1812 inclusive. The series is collectible by date, unlike other early gold series in which there are costly stoppers. The 1810 Large Date, Large 5 as an affordable coin.

Among the specimens either set aside or by miracle having survived the vicissitudes of more than two centuries, many were subjected to jewelry use, others were cleaned or otherwise mishandled by the misinformed public. Compared to post-1834 half eagle types, few exist with clean surfaces and unbroken frosty luster. Most Mint State 1810 half eagles lack highpoint friction, but the open fields are more subdued than the devices and borders.

This coins unabashed original luster sets the present MS64 apart from a typical Uncirculated Capped Bust Left half eagle. As one would expect from the grade, marks are few and well dispersed, limited to a few delicate field grazes such as the small on Libertys bust and a few in out of the way places around the eagle. The strike is fairly good, with only slight softness present on the neck feathers and left side wing where it joins the shield. The determined collector who has waited patiently to acquire a full-fledged Mint State example should take advantage of the present coin. Pop 33; 3 finer, 2 in 65, 1 in 66 (PCGS # 8108) .
Estimated Value $25,000 - 30,000.
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Lot 1496
1811. Tall 5 PCGS graded Genuine AU Details. Altered surfaces. Still a nice looking early $5 Gold. For the type set enthusiast this will be a special acquisition. John Reich, a German immigrant, did contract work for the Mint in the early 19th century, and in 1807 was signed as an assistant on the staff. He worked for a decade under Chief Engraver Robert Scot, creating new motifs including the Capped Bust motif as here and also what used to be called the Turban Head, but which is now called the Classic Head cent of 1808 (a motif picked up for the half cent of 1809 and, years later, copied for use on the quarter eagle and half eagle of 1834).

Reich was a talented engraver, with some of his best art appearing on medals of the era. Although he was not the chief engraver, today Reich is far better remembered than his boss, Scot, with the John Reich Collectors Society bearing his name (PCGS # 8110) .
Estimated Value $2,200 - 2,300.
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