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Sale 74

June Long Beach Coin Auction

Large Lots of Ancients
Lot Photo Description Realized
Lot 3659
  A 5-piece lot of Greek Silver Coins. Consists of 3 Tetradrachms and 2 Fractions. The highlight of this lot: Caria, Knidos AR Tetradrachm (13.8g) c. 390-330 BC. Head of Aphrodite left wearing ampyx. Reverse: Forepart of lion left, EYAΓHΣ; all within incuse square. Cf. Sear 4839, details of VF or better, porous and Very Rare. Also includes 2 Philip II AR Tetradrachms of Macedon; Gaul, Massalia AR Obol and a Mysian AR obol. Balance of the coins grade Fine and better. Lot of 5 coins.
Estimated Value $1,000-UP.
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Lot 3660
  A 5-piece lot of Alexander III, the Great, 336-323 BC, Silver Drachms. Different mints. Coins grade Very Fine to Extremely Fine. A nice lot of AR drachms.
Estimated Value $600 - 700.
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Lot 3661
7-piece Lot of 1st-2nd Century Roman Bronze Sestertii. All smoothed and or tooled. Includes some very famous types. We strongly suggest inspection prior to bidding. Well worth our conservative estimate.
Estimated Value $1,500-UP.
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Lot 3662
  A group of Roman Silver and Bronze issues. Two better pieces are: Pompey the Great AE As, Sear 1394; Julian "The Apostate" AR Siliqua. Coins grade mostly Fine, some better. Well worth inspecting prior to auction. Lot of 22 coins.
Estimated Value $800 - 900.
The Arden Collection.

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Lot 3663
  17-piece lot of Roman Silver. Consists of: Republican denarii and 1st thru 3rd century denarii. Perhaps the most desirable specimen is a silver denarius of Tiberius, the famed "Tribute Penny" in Fine plus. Coins range from VG to VF. Lot of 17 coins.
Estimated Value $700 - 800.
The Arden Collection.

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Lot 3664
4-piece Lot of Roman Bronzes. Consists of: Faustina Jr. AE Sestertius; Commodus AE Sestertius; Severus Alexander AE Sestertius; Anonymous (time of Tiberius) AE Spintra. Coins grade Fine or better.
Estimated Value $500 - 600.
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Lot 3665
  7-piece Roman Silver Denarii Group. Seven different emperors all 3rd century and each NGC graded Extremely Fine. Lot of 7 coins.

The Seven Hills Hoard.
Estimated Value $300 - 350.
The Arden Collection.

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Lot 3666
  A 4-piece lot of Ancients. Consists of: Persia, Achaemanid ca. 4th century BC AR Siglos with counterstamps; Cilicia, Tarsus (?) ca. 350 BC AR Obol; Illyria AE 11; Otacilia Severa AR Antoninianus. Coins grade Fine to Extremely Fine and mostly attributed.
Estimated Value $150 - 200.
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