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February 2-5. 2013

Fugio Cents
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Lot 132
1787 Fugio Cent Newman 3-D Rarity-3 Club Rays Type. PCGS graded VF-30. Mostly glossy dark olive brown with lighter steel brown toning covering the devices. The two-tone look highlights the details and enhances the eye appeal. No notable marks or other defects. The date and legends are complete and clear. Nicely struck LDS, Newman state D, with a die crack to the rim above the O in FUGIO. A nice mid-grade example of the "Club Rays" type. The Club Rays feature is noted on the PCGS label. Listed on page 88 in the "Redbook."
Estimated Value $800-UP.
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Lot 133
1787 Fugio Cent Newman 10-T Rarity-5. PCGS graded AU-50. CAC Approved. 1 over Horizontal 1, STATES UNITED. Glossy chocolate and olive brown. The surfaces are reasonably smooth but there are some microscopic planchet fissures (as struck) in the field around the date, and the reverse shows extremely fine roughness in the fields and protected areas. No notable signs of contact, only very light wear. Later die state with strong die clashmarks on the obverse and a clear die crack from the reverse rim at K-7 through ring 9. The legends are complete and the 1 over Horizontal 1 error is clear. The "1/1" feature is noted on the PCGS label. Listed as a separate variety on page 87 in the "Redbook."
Estimated Value $2,500-UP.
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Lot 134
1787 Fugio Cent Newman 13-X Rarity-2. PCGS graded MS-63 Brown. CAC Approved. A STATES UNITED type with 4 Cinquefoils. Frosty dark bluish steel brown and chocolate with traces of faded mint color remaining visible on both sides. Smooth and attractive, free of any of the usually seen planchet flaws except for an incipient planchet clip that affects the rim left of the base of the sundial. The strike is a bit uneven but the date is bold. Both dies are worn and cracked, each having been employed in several different marriages prior to this final 13-X mating. Chances are good this piece was part of the famous Bank of New York Hoard that was dispersed long ago. A premium example of one of the most famous early American coins. See pages 86-88 in the "Redbook."
Estimated Value $2,500-UP.
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Lot 135
1787 Fugio Cent 4 Cinq P.R. 'States United' NGC graded Fine Details. Reverse damage.
Estimated Value $250 - 300.
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Lot 136
1694 Elephant Halfpenny, Bolen Copy in Brass Kenney-5 Rarity-7+ EF45. Choice glossy light golden olive. Smooth and attractive with only a couple minor marks. These include a spot of darker toning in the field before the elephant and another on the V in PRESERVE. These were struck by John Bolen in 1869, after which the dies were effaced and donated to the Boston Numismatic Society. According to Bolen, 2 were struck in silver, 5 in Brass, and 40 in copper. This one is clearly struck in brass. Obviously quite rare. Weight 48.0 grains.
Estimated Value $250-UP.
Ex Early American History Auctions 2/13/1999:715 (lot ticket included).

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Lot 137
1795 Middlesex Halfpenny #317 "The White Negress" MS60. A very interesting piece featuring "Mrs. Newsham the White Negress" from "The Curiosity House" in London. Lustrous medium brown with hints of very faded mint color in a couple of the protected areas. The "negress" is nicely struck but there is some weakness in the opposing details. Weight 149.0 grains; diameter 31.5 millimeters.
Estimated Value $50-UP.
Comes with a small envelope from B. A. Seaby, Ltd. in London.

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