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February 2-5. 2013

Half Dimes
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Lot 1240
1833. PCGS graded MS-67. CAC Approved PQ. Lovely delicate toning. A spectacular coin! This sparkling jewel of the optimum quality for this actively collected design displays delicate pastel blue and slightly more radiant gold toning in areas. All underpinned by intense cartwheel luster, the mint frost blends effortlessly with toned accents on the satin surfaces. Struck with mathematical precision by the dies. Only a few of the horizontal lines in the shield show any marginal weakness.

After a lengthy hiatus between 1804 and 1828, Coinage of this denomination resumed July 4, 1829, from new dies by William Kneass (Robert Scot's successor as Engraver), using as its model John Reich's half-dollar design of 1807. Like the dimes of 1828, these half dimes have a plain raised rim encircling a border of round beads. Because they were struck in a grooved "close collar," which imparted the reeded edge, their diameters were uniform. (Earlier dates had been given reeded edges before striking by passing the blanks through a Casting machine.) Mint correspondence of the period mentioned the close collar as a major technological improvement. Pop 7; 1 finer in 67+ (PCGS # 4280) .

The year 1833 was the first year of coinage production at the new Mint facility at the corner of Chestnut and Juniper streets in Philadelphia. The mintage recorded for this year totaled 1,370,000 coins and was the highest production so far among Capped Bust half dimes. A significant quantity, however, were certainly from 1832-dated dies. Nearly all went into circulation where there was a great need for small change among the populace. For 1833, there are 10 known varieties with six additional remarriages.
Estimated Value $9,000 - 10,000.
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Lot 1241
1842-O. PCGS graded MS-65. Wonderful natural golden sunset toning adds to this coin's appeal. Light silvery gray in color with vivid accents of color and offering pristine fields and devices. Unevenly struck as often seen on the early O-mint issues, especially on the obverse, where Liberty's head and two nearby stars fail to show detail, though the shield is pretty much complete and LIBERTY clear on the ribbon. Some obverse dentils are flattened. The date bold. On the reverse the wreath is complete all the way around to the lower left (which lies opposite the high points on the obverse and an area where the dies fail to complete their task on Seated Half Dimes and Seated Dimes of this Stars Obverse Type). Forget the reported mintages of the early New Orleans half dimes, they are far more difficult to find than one would expect. Especially rare in this Gem MS65 grade:Pop 4; 1 finer in 66. (PCGS # 4331) .
Estimated Value $11,000 - 12,000.
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Lot 1242
1861/0. PCGS graded MS-67. CAC Approved PQ. Well struck with lovely golden toning. A wonderful type coin. This is tied with one other for the finest known of this rare and somewhat unusual overdate. The remnants of something, thought to be an 0, are clearly present on the left side of the second 1 in the date. Breen thought is was an overdate too, although at least two obverse dies show identical features giving some experts pause, as the raised area left of the second 1 could simply have been caused by a defective date punch. Regardless, study and photography help settle these issues in time. Here is a satiny example in superb gem condition for the specialist to ponder. The luster is bright and fresh, and the coin has delicate gold toning around the rims. Sharply struck except for a small area on the upper left wreath. Likely one of the finest known, and best preserved, of this overdate variety. Pop 2; none finer at PCGS (PCGS # 4380) .
Estimated Value $3,800 - 4,000.
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Lot 1243
1866. NGC graded Proof 66 Star Cameo. Only 725 minted. Wonderful rainbow toning on both sides. Sleek color seesaws with lovely iridescence. No one can honestly deny the vibrancy of the surfaces. This, too, shows in the fully struck Liberty, wreath and legends exhibiting fine detail to all the high points. Eye-appeal it has a-plenty, along with snappy white cameo frosted devices. A prime example for the connoisseur! Pop 1; 1 finer in 67.
Estimated Value $2,200 - 2,300.
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