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Roman Imperatorial Coins
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Lot 2351
[Roman Imperatorial Period.] Sextus Pompey, d. 35 BC. AR Denarius minted at Massilia, summer 44-April 43 BC by Q. Nasidius. Bare head right of Pompey the Great as Neptune; in right field, trident; below, dolphin. Reverse: Galley right under sail; above, six-pointed star. Cr. 483/2; Syd. 1350. Most surviving examples of this very rare coin are faulted on one side or the other. Toned Extremely Fine; one of the finest representations of a galley on a coin.

This important coin depicts Sextus Pompey, younger son of Pompey the Great, as "ruler of the seas." When this coin was minted, Julius Caesar was recently murdered and Sextus Pompey solidified a naval force, controlling the Mediterranean. This coin commemorates his victories and annexation of Sicily.
Estimated Value $13,000 - 15,000.
Ex A. Lynn Collection; Triton IV (5-6 XII 2000), lot 423.

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Lot 2352
[Roman Imperatorial Period.] Julius Caesar, d. 44 BC. Gold Aureus (8.09 g) minted at Rome by moneyer A. Hirtius, 46 BC. Veiled female head right. Reverse: Lituus, jug and ax. Cr. 466/1; Syd. 1017; C. 2. Nicely struck on a large flan. Nearly Extremely Fine.

Probably struck for Caesar's triumphs in August 46 BC, when he distributed largesse to his soldiers and the male populace of Rome.
Estimated Value $2,500 - 3,000.
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Lot 2353
[Roman Imperatorial Period.] Julius Caesar, d. 44 BC. AR Denarius struck in Spain, c. 46-45 BC. Diademed head right of Venus, Cupid on shoulder. Reverse: Gallia and a Gaulish captive (Vercingetorix?) seated beneath trophy. Cr. 468/1; Syd. 1014. Choice Very Fine.
Estimated Value $350 - 400.
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Lot 2354
[Roman Imperatorial Period.] Octavian and Julius Caesar. Gold Aureus (8.07 g) minted in Italy or Gaul, c. 43 BC. Bare head right of Octavian (later Augustus). Reverse: Laureate head right of Julius Caesar. Cr. 490/2; Syd. 1321; Bahrfeldt 28; Newman "A Dialogue of Power in the Coinage of Antony and Octavian," ANS AJN 2 (1990), 43.9. Very rare. Edge irregularity due to minting procedure; flan a bit wavy on obverse with two excellent portraits.

The degree of care used in the minting procedure and the resultant striking characteristics are wanting during the relatively brief imperatorial period, due to the fight for power and the numerous military/traveling mints. Of the handfull of extant specimens known of this type, numerous faults are usual, mainly appearing on the periphery and edge of the flan. Cf. lot 118 of our 29 October 2009 auction.
Estimated Value $25,000 - 30,000.
Ex Triton V, lot 1837.

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