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Apollo Program
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Lot 541
Apollo Program, FLOWN Hasselblad Camera and 500mm. Telephoto Lens. The lot includes the Hasselblad Electric camera body (P/N SEB 33100102-? / S/N 1054), Film Magazine (P/N SEF 33101018-301, S/N 1020), a Carl Zeiss "Synchro Compur" 1:8 / 500mm. Telephoto Lens (No. 3494681 / hand engraved MSC51792) with Carl Zeiss lens filter (S86 / 1x / HZ / 0), Sun Shade and various Hasselblad Lens Caps. A custom black focusing ring on the lense has large "ridges" to accomodate use by an astronaut's gloved hands. There are three preset focusing dots (yellow, red, green) on the ring to simplify focusing for the astronauts.

There is a piece of white velcro attached to the magazine slide (to anchor the slide to the wall in the Command Module so it wouldn't float off in the weightless environment of space). There are also several "sticky" patches on the camera body, probably where other velcro patches/labels have come off over time. A "rub" on the body of the lens is just a sign that this is an original part that has seen some use at one time.

This 500mm. lens is one of only four to be specially modified by NASA (two of which were personally modified by the consignor) to enable the astronauts to photograph lunar craters from the Command and Service Modules while in lunar orbit. The consignor can find no record of other similar lenses surviving the years.

NASA Hasselblad cameras have shown up from time to time over the years (mainly from this consignor) but this is the first time a lens of this rarity has become available. The consignor advises us that he has saved the best for last and that this is his last Hasselblad camera body and the only 500mm. specially modified lens that he had. Others MAY surface in years to come, but probably not for awhile. The odds are against your waiting around for lightening to strike again.

Don't overlook this opportunity to purchase a piece of history. It will be the focal point of your collection.
Estimated Value $25,000 - 35,000.
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Lot 542
Apollo Program, 1963, Sterling Silver Astronaut Candidate Lapel Pin. Presented to the consignor when he graduated as a Group 3 Astronaut in 1963, it is designed to be worn on civilian clothing. The pin is described as three rays, passing through a halo to a star at its apex.
The pin is issued in two grades, silver and gold, with the silver pin awarded to candidates who have successfully completed astronaut training and the gold pin to astronauts who have actually flown in space. Astronaut candidates are given silver pins but are required to purchase the gold pin. These pins are almost never available to collectors. We have handled a couple of these pins over the years, but they are considered by many to be the highlight addition to any space collection. This pin is complete with its original screw back.
Estimated Value $5,000 - 7,500.
Ex. The astronaut Richard "Dick" Gordon collection.

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Lot 543
Space Model, c1965, "Apollo Spacecraft" Model. 19.5x6") This pristine white plastic 3-part, North American contractor's model (by Hyatt) has only been out of its original box (no label) a couple of times over the years and the plastic is as pristine and milk white as when originally issued to the original owner. We note the occassional, odd paint chip on metal parts, but these pale to the pristine quality of this model itself. This is probably the cleaniest example of this model we have seen in almost three decades.
Estimated Value $1,000 - 1,500.
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Lot 544
Space Model, c1965, "Apollo Spacecraft" Model. 19.5x6") This pristine white plastic 3-part, North American contractor's model (by Hyatt) is similar to the previous lot but has the normal, aged, Service Module component. Some faults, but attractive. The original box, with red/white blue/ North American Aviation label, is included.
Estimated Value $500 - 750.
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Lot 545
Apollo Program, c1960s, Prototype "Microscope" Base (5x4x4") A fascinating tooled metal prototype microscope base that can be raised and lowered to focus using a screw mechanism and has a mechanical light scource controlled by a wheeled shutter mechanism built into the top of the base. White velcro is attached to one end of the top alongside of a locking mechanism. There is an ID label sewn onto the power cable that reads: "P/N PCC-F20022-1 / Class 1". The base is engraved "PCG-F" and "S/N 000". This would appear to be a prototype and is probably unique.
Estimated Value $1,000 - 1,500.
Ex. The Leopold A. Hein Family collection.

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Lot 546
  Apollo Program, c1960s, Dr. Matthew Radnofsky "Beta Cloth Development" Archive. A two carton lot of correspondence with the German company "Papierfabrik Scheufelen" as well as others and flamability testing samples. Dr. Radnofsky was a NASA employee who was deeply involved in the development of Beta Cloth; the flame proof material developed to protect the astronauts as a result of the Apollo 1 fire. In addition to development for use in spacesuits, Beta cloth was developed for use to protect fire fighters. The archive includes extensive NASA internal documents tied to individual samples. A great lot for the NASA historian.
Estimated Value $500 - 750.
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Lot 547
Apollo Program, c1967, Rare "Apollo CSM Test Team" Lapel Pin. The pin is gold in color with "Apollo CSM" at the top and "Test Team" at the bottom of a globe with "Apollo" across the middle. These were undoubtedly scarce originally as they were probably only given to the Test Team members. They have undoubtedly been lost to collectors down through the years as this is the first we have seen in over 25 years of describing space memorabilia. A great find and a great addition to any collection.
Estimated Value $350 - 500.
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