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Jewish Related Coins of Greece
Lot Photo Description Realized
Lot 1784
Macedonian Kingdom. Alexander III, the Great, 336-323 B.C. Gold Stater (8.54 g), Akko mint, struck 317/6 B.C. (year 30). Helmeted head right of Athena. Reverse: Nike standing left, holding wreath and stylis; date in left field. Price 3277. Newell Ake 32. H-400. High relief obverse; light marks; Very Fine.

The coins minted under Alexander the Great were dated by year in Akko and Sidon, both important cities in Phoenicia. They provide numismatic series which are as fascinating as they are rare. One collector who formed a complete date run of tetradrachms struck at Akko spent nearly 20 years at this challenging project.
Estimated Value $2,250 - 2,750.
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Lot 1785
Cilicia, Tarsos. Mazaios as Satrap, 361-334 B.C. AR Stater (10.28 g). Baaltars seated left holding scepter; to left, ear of grain and bunsh of grapes. Reverse: Lion left attacking bull; below, two rows of walls with towers and battlements. SNG Levante 114. Dewing 2513. BMC 48. Weakly struck on obverse, otherwise Choice Very Fine; scarce type.

Hendin has suggested that the city walls of Jerusalem may be portrayed on Tarsian staters of the Satrap Mazaios.
Estimated Value $750 - 1,250.
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Lot 1786
Seleukid Kingdom. Antiochos IV, 175-164 B.C. AR Tetradrachm (17.02 g), Akko mint. Diademed head right of Antiochos IV; monogram behind head. Reverse: Zeus seated left holding Nike in right hand; palm branch in left field. Cf. Houghton 784. H-413a var. Choice Very Fine.

It was this Seleucid king who succeeded his older brother, that was responsible for pressing Greek culture and religion upon the Jews with such vigor that it represented a major turning point in Jewish history. Known on his coins as "Epiphanes" (God Made Manifest), he prohibited the worship of the Jewish God, burned the Torah, and defiled the Temple by sacrificing a sow upon the altar. The Book of the Maccabees recounts numerous events pressed upon the lives of the Jews by this Hellenistic ruler.
Estimated Value $700 - 1,000.
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Lot 1787
Phoenicia, Byblos, c. 350 B.C. AR Shekel (13.35 g). Galley to left, three hoplites with shields above bulwark; below, hippocamp to left. Reverse: Lion left attacking bull. Dewing 2662. BMC 4. Well detailed; Choice Very Fine.

Byblos, which was fortified by Herod the Great, is the modern Jebeil.
Estimated Value $1,000 - 1,500.
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Lot 1788
Ptolemaic Egypt. Ptolemy I, Soter, 305-283 B.C. AR Tetradrachm (14.31 g). Diademed head of Ptolemy I right, wearing aegis; tiny delta behind ear. Reverse: Eagle standing left; letter and monogram in left field. SNG Cop 70-1. Cf. Svoronos 255. Depression (countermark?) in obv. right field; About Extremely Fine; attractively toned.
Estimated Value $350 - 500.
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