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Sale 48

Pre-Long Beach Coin Auction

The Rouse Collection - Flowing Hair Half Cents
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Lot 3
1793 C-1 R3+. VF-30. Choice glossy medium brown with light chocolate toning on the highpoints. The surfaces are virtually flawless and the eye appeal is exceptional. The best identifying mark is a tiny, barely visible planchet flake (as struck) hidden in the hair below the E in LIBERTY. A perfectly balanced strike but very slightly off center to K-4 leaving some of the border beads tight to the edge of the planchet, especially on the reverse. Early die state, Manley state 1.0. Weight 98.4 grains.
Estimated Value $12,000 - 15,000.
Ex Jim McGuigan 1989 ANA Convention-Gene Braig 10/2004.

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Lot 4
1793 C-2 R3. VF-25. Frosty dark steel brown with lighter brown and tan toning in the most-protected areas. The surfaces are excellent but not perfect as there are microscopic pre-striking planchet chips in the obverse fields, mostly behind the portrait. No hint of corrosion or verdigris. The only contact marks are a small pinprick just right of the D in UNITED, a barely visible rim bruise at the adjacent E, and a small mark on the rim over the second T in STATES. A tiny planchet flake at the border beads below the fraction can also help identify this piece. Nicely struck EDS, Manley state 1.0, with the reverse rotated 30 degrees clockwise from a head-to-foot orientation. The obverse is positioned slightly off center to the bottom and the reverse is a bit off to the upper left, but the border beads are complete around both sides. Another very attractive, well balanced 1793 half cent from this high-quality collection. Weight 113.9 grains.
Estimated Value $10,000 - 12,000.
Ex Jim McGuigan 11/04.

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Lot 5
1793 C-3 R3. EF-40. Beautiful medium chocolate brown with slightly darker chocolate toning on the highpoints. Outstanding eye appeal, especially for a 1793 half cent. No corrosion, roughness, or planchet flaws. Only trivial contact marks from perfect. The best identifying marks are a tiny diagonal nick at the right top of the 3 in the date, a very light diagonal nick between the D in UNITED and adjacent S in STATES, and a barely visible bruise on the rim over the O in OF. Early die state with the always present microscopic die rust covering the reverse fields. The obverse is positioned very slightly off center to the upper right and the reverse off a similar amount to the bottom causing portions of some of the border beads to flow off the edge of the planchet. Removed from an old green label PCGS slab graded XF40 (PCGS label included). A premium 1793 half cent in every respect. Weight 105.5 grains.
Estimated Value $20,000 - 25,000.
Ex J. J. Teaparty 1989 ANA Convention-Gene Braig 10/04.

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Lot 6
1793 C-4 R3. VF-35. Sharper by at least 5 points but there is a light rim bruise at the top of the cap, and the bruise was smoothed to minimize its impact. Otherwise the surfaces and eye appeal of this piece are excellent. Glossy medium chocolate brown slowly blending into a slightly darker shade of chocolate at the bottom of the obverse. Frosty mint luster shows through in the protected areas, especially on the reverse. No hint of corrosion or verdigris, and the only roughness is from the usual microscopic die rust associated with the later state of the obverse die. There are some tiny contact marks scattered over both sides, including a collection of ticks near the border beads right of the date and a dull nick on the bottom half of the T in UNITED. In addition there is a faint planchet lamination at the top of ST in STATES extending into the dentils above the adjacent A, as struck. LDS, Manley state 2.0 with the aforementioned microscopic die rust visible in protected areas of the obverse. Nicely centered on the planchet. Weight 101.1 grains.
Estimated Value $15,000 - 18,000.
Ex Bowers & Ruddy 6/77:2259-1981 ANA Sale, Bowers & Ruddy, lot 1756-Kevin Lipton-Tony Terranova-Gene Braig-Chris McCawley 8/04.

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