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Lot 869
Transylvania. Silver Necessity Taler, 1565. Dav-8796. Johann II, 1556-1571. Uniface striking. Arms with wolf, star, moon and date. Small pin hole on edge. Premium silvery color, and one of the sharpest examples to be found. NGC graded AU-55.

Transylvania is located in modern day Romania. Its name, translated from the Latin, means "across the woods." Its German name, "Siebenbuergen," means "seven fortresses," and refers to the seven important fortresses of the area settled by the Saxons who were invited to move there.
Estimated Value $800 - 1,000.
Ex Irving Goodman Collection.

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Lot 870
Transylvania. Ducat, 1585. Fr-295; Resch-13; Hess-165. Hermannstadt mint. 3.52 grams. 22.9 mm. Sigismund Bathori, 1581-1602. St. Ladislas standing with halbred in right hand and orb and cross in left hand, breaking beaded inner circle at top and bottom. Leg: MONE.TRAN - IL- SIGI.B.D:S and 1585 in field. Reverse Seated madonna and child. Leg: *PATRONA (crowned cross swords) UNGARIE*. Superb early ducat and rare. NGC graded MS-63.

Transylvania, a staunchly Protestant state, was able to maintain its independence by playing off the Turks against the Habsburgs. This independence effectively ended in 1697 after Michael Apafi II was forced to abdicate. After a fifteen year struggle for power, Transylvania reverted back to The Emperor.
Estimated Value $3,000 - 3,500.

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Lot 871
Transylvania. Ducat, 1630. Fr-370; Resch-2; KM-222. Klausenburg mint. 3.15 grams. 20.9 mm. Katharina Bethlen (Catherine of Brandenburg), 1629-1630. Elaborately clothed facing bust within inner beaded circle. Leg: CATH.D:G.N.M.B.S.R.I.ET.TRAN.PRINC. Reverse Crowned arms of six parts in elaborate oval, within inner circle, C-V at sides. Leg: PAR.R.H.D.SIC.CO.A. B.I.C.M.D.1630. Very Rare. NGC graded AU-58.

Katharina Bethlen was the wife of Gabriel. When he died in 1629, she became ruler of Transylvania for just over a year. She minted very few coins in 1630. All are great rarities.
Estimated Value $15,000 - 20,000.

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Lot 872
Transylvania. Silver Taler, 1660 (Nagybanya). Dav-4756; Resch-157. George Rakoczi II. Bust with cap and holding sword right. Reverse: Crowned arms. Minor double striking on reverse. Boldly struck with lovely old toning in shades of lilac and gray. An excellent piece, far finer than most seen. NGC graded AU-58.

Transylvania was geographically situated where it was a buffer state between the Ottoman Turks and the Habsburgs. By cleverly playing off the two against each other, Transylvanian rulers assured their nation's independence for two centuries. Ironically, after the Battle of Vienna in 1683, where the Ottoman Turks were soundly defeated, Transylvania gradually lost its independence to the dominant Habsburgs. So, the destruction of the Moslems, widely celebrated in Christian Europe, spelled the doom of Christian Transylania.
Estimated Value $1,250 - 1,500.
Ex Irving Goodman Collection.

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