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Lot 798
Island of Rhodes -- Crusader coinage. Silver Gigliato, ND. Metcalf-LE 172; Schlum., pl. IX, 17. 3.91 grams. Order of St John. Helion de Villeneuve, 1319-1346. Grandmaster in long robes, kneeling left before patriarchal cross. Reverse: Cross fleury, with shield of the order at end of each arm. Sharp even strike, with attractive light toning. Truly exceptional. NGC graded MS-63.

The Knights Hospitallers of Rhodes were established to provide protection for the pilgrims to the Holy Land and to set up hospitals for the sick. They used Rhodes as their base to counter the Ottoman insurgents in the area. Their coins reflect their devout, Christian beliefs.
Estimated Value $500 - 600.
Illustrated in Money of The World, coin 72.

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Lot 799
Italian Occupation of Rhodes. Ducat (Zecchino), ND. Fr-3; Schlumberger pl.X, 15 variety 3.41 grams. 20.60 mm. Order of St. John (Grandmasters of Rhodes). Antoine Fluvian, 1421-1437. Obv: Venetian style. Ruler kneeling before St. John. Leg: F.ANTONIVS SMVENETI DVX Reverse Christ standing within stars. Leg: SIT T XIE DAT QTV - REGIS ISTA CVDA. Sharply struck and lustrous. Very Rare. NGC graded MS-62.

Antoine Fluviane was the first Grandmaster to strike a direct copy of the popular Venetian trade ducat. After a strong protest from Venice he modified the design slightly, replacing the name of Venice with that of the patron of the Order, St. John. Both varieties are rare, and only a handful of the "Venice" ducats of Fluviane have survived. Much of the wealth of the order was exhausted defending the island against the Ottoman Turks, under Mahomet, son of Bajazet and Seif ed-Din, Sultan of Egypt. Fluviane donated some 12,000 florins to make up the shortfall and on his death in 1437 had all his possessions sold to help replenish the coffers. The order struck ducats at Rhodes until being disposessed of the island in 1522, when they transfered their headquarters to Malta.
Estimated Value $5,000 - 6,000.

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Lot 800
Italian Occupation of Rhodes. Zecchino, ND. Fr-11. 3.49 grams. 21.32 mm. Order of St. John (Grandmasters of Rhodes). Fabrice del Carretto, 1513-1521. According to Ives/Grierson "DUX" is replaced by "MP", this coin clearly has "MF". Venetian style and type. Obv. Doge kneeling before standing figure of St. John. F.FABRCH. D.C. S. IOANNIS, MF. Reverse Christ standing within stars. NGC graded MS-62.
Estimated Value $1,500 - 2,000.

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