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Lot 527
Bohemia. Denar, ND. Cach-317. 1.14 grams. Bretislav I, 1037-1055. Obv. Mitered saint between two crosses. Leg: SCS WENCEZLAVS. Reverse Monarch holding lance. Leg: BRACIZIMS DVX. NGC graded AU-58.
Estimated Value $300 - 400.

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Lot 528
Bohemia. Denar, ND. Cach-330. 0.97 grams. Prague mint. Spytihnew II, 1048-1054 and 1055-1061. Obv. Standing figure holding spear. Leg: +SPITICNE - VDVX. Reverse Seated figure holding orb. Leg: SCSW -ENCEZS. NGC graded AU-58.
Estimated Value $150 - 200.

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Lot 529
Bohemia. Goldgulden, ND. Fr-7. 3.55 grams. 21.33 mm. Vladislav II (Jagiellonian Dynasty), 1471-1516. Haloed armored monarch standing with flag in right hand and eagle embossed shield in left hand. Leg: S.WENCES - LAVS; DVX. Reverse Bohemian lion in crowned shield, R - B at sides. Leg: WLAD.ISLAI.D:G:R:BOHEMIE. Very rare early goldgulden in exceptional quality. NGC graded MS-63.

One of the rarer Goldguldens of this entire collection. Exceptional quality as well. Vladislav was the eldest son of of king Casimir of Poland. He was the ruler of Bohemia and Hungary. Due to the Polish connection, this coin is sought after by both collectors of Bohemian and Polish coins.
Estimated Value $14,000 - 15,000.

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Lot 530
Bohemia (Wallenstein). Ducat, 1631. Fr-145; KM-61. 3.70 grams. 21.94 mm. Albert Wallenstein (Duke of Friedland and Sagan), 1625-1634. Front large facing armored and draped bust in beaded circle broken at the top. Leg. ALBERTVS.D.G.DVX. MEGAPOL.FRIDL. Reverse Crowned complex arms. Leg: ET.SAGAE.PRINC. -VANDAL.1631. Very Rare. NGC graded MS-62.

Wallenstein is one of the most fascinating characters of this period. Born of a noble family, he was appointed general of the Imperialist forces by emperor Ferdinand II. A great general, he won numerous battles for his commander. Unfortunately, his ego was as great as his abilities, and he so angered his officer corps, that they assasinated him.
Estimated Value $15,000 - 17,000.

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