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Lot 416
University Presidents: Columbia, Harvard, and M.I.T. Four items: (1&2) Seth Low, as president of Columbia University, typed letter signed, February 21, 1896, 1 pg. quarto, asking Professor Peck to "write a Latin ode that could be sung at the dedication of the new grounds…to the tune of Gaudeamus…." A second letter to Peck in 1894 accepts Peck's resignation from the Board of Editors of the University Bulletin and asks for the proper precedure. (3) A.L. Lowell, as president of Harvard College, May 22, 1923, a literature award to Henry Jacob Friendly, 9 x 11 in. (4) Karl T. Compton, as president of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, March 6, 1935, 1 pg, quarto, to Professor McKeehan in the Sloane Physics Laboratory at Yale University, accepting an invitation to Yale and hoping that "there may be some opportunity…to see something of the work going on in your laboratory." All Fine or better. (4 items).
Estimated Value $200 - 300.
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Lot 417
(Five Reformers) (1) Anna Dickinson, Autograph Quote Signed, "Before all things - Justice. Truly yours, Anna Dickinson, 2-25-85," on 3½ x 4½ card (2) William Lloyd Garrison, Autograph Pass Signed on a 1¾ x 3 in. white card, "Admit the Bearer to Mr. Thompson's Lecture. Wm. Lloyd Garrison" (3) Wendell Phillips, Signature and date removed from a letter, "W Phillips / Tuesday, Jany. 5th / the evening" (4) Charles Sumner, 9¾ x 7 in. engraving with signature ("C. Sumner") on a 1 x 3 in. piece of paper, affixed below image; and (5) Frances Willard, Signature on a 1½ x 3½ in. card. Overall Fine. These reformers were associated with abolition, woman's suffrage, or the temperance movement. (5 items).
Estimated Value $250 - 300.
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Lot 418
Phillips, Wendell (1811-84) Abolitionist and orator; advocated woman's suffrage. Phillips pens and signs his famous Civil War sentiment, "Peace if possible / Justice at any rate. Wendell Phillips 1876," 2¼ x 3½ in. With cabinet card, 6½ x 4¼ in., an oval, bust-length pose; minor toning, else Fine. (2 items).
Estimated Value $100 - 150.
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Lot 419
Women Reformers. Six items signed by five women: (1) Lucy Stone, pioneer of woman's suffrage, Signature and closing cut from a letter ("Yours truly Lucy Stone"), no place, no date, 1¾ x 5 in (2&3) Anna E. Dickinson, lecturer for abolition, 7 x 4½ in. Page Signed, "…Phila., May 8, 1864, Believe me, Most Truly Yours, Anna E. Dickinson," with small image; also, 2¼ x 3¼ in. Card Signed, "Above all things Liberty. Anna E. Dickinson 8-15-74" (4) Mary A. Livermore, journalist who founded Sanitary Commission fairs, Card Signed with place, "Melrose, Mass" (5) Carrie Chapman Catt, 1¾ x 6 in. sheet of paper, signed with date ("Feb. 1, 1932"); and (6) Ida M. Tarbell, muckraking journalist who exposed the trust-ridden national oil industry, Signature cut from letter, 2 x 4¾ in. Overall Fine. Some of the women were also involved in the temperance and peace movements. An important group of women. (6 items).
Estimated Value $350 - 400.
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