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Lot 238
Roosevelt, Franklin D. One hundred thirty-one (131) First Day Covers, each addressed to The White House on an envelope with embossed return address of The White House. Each is addressed to either Grace Tully or her sister, Mrs. Charles Larrabee (also a White House secretary). Most date from the mid 1930s through the mid 1940s, with a number extending past Roosevelt's death. Apparently these were collected for FDR by Grace, who simply kept up the effort after her boss died. There are a few duplicates in stamps used but with differing cancellations. Individual First Day Covers from the FDR collection have sold for hundreds. A great opportunity to acquire a huge group! Fine condition.
Estimated Value $2,000 - 4,000.
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Lot 239
Roosevelt, Franklin D. Twenty-three (23) First Day Covers addressed to either Missy Le Hand (Margaret Le Hand was in charge of FDR's stafff until she suffered a stroke and was replaced by Tully) or Grace Tully at the White House, with embossed return address of the Postmaster General, Washington, D.C. Each is accompanied by a Typed Letter Signed from Postmaster General James Farley detailing the history of the stamp and what it commemorates. Fifteen (15) are from 1934; eight (8) date from 1936. A few duplicate stamps but with different cities of cancellation related to the specific issue. Among those sent by the Postmaster are scenes from the National Parks, including Yosemite and the Grand Canyon, the Centennial of Texas, and the Centennial of the Oregon Territory. Another fine archive. The signature "James Farley" is bold and clean on each accompanying letter.
Estimated Value $500 - 1,000.
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Lot 240
Roosevelt, Franklin D. The balance of the Grace Tully philatelic holding including: two First Day Covers with a presentation letter from the Postmaster General on stamps released to honor President Roosevelt immediately following his death--including one on the opening of the United Nations Conference on International Organization in April 1945; a presentation folder and two signed Fdcs with the first stamp commemorating Lyndon Baines Johnson, boldly inscribed to Tully by Lady Bird Johnson; a group of seven (7) foreign covers addressed to FDR as President, with stamps from such countries as Hungary and Germany; seven (7) FDcs with the first stamp to honor Eleanor Roosevelt following her death, addressed by Grace Tully to herself, together with the official Post Office Dept. ceremony announcing the ceremony to release the stamp; a small group of eight (8) various items, including a letter from Postmaster General Farley, a FDC cancelled from Hyde Park with the FDR stamp, July 1945, that includes a gorgeous cachet design; a presentation folio housing a FDC from Campobello with the new FDR stamp of 1982, released on the 100th anniversary of Roosevelt's birth; and a complete mint sheet of the Eleanor Roosevelt stamps kept by Grace.
Estimated Value $400 - 500.
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Lot 241
Bush, George H.W. Navy ballpoint pen with silver cap and gold-colored Presidential seal and facisimile signature. With original navy and gold box, also bearing the Presidential seal and facsimile signature. Very Fine. (2 items).
Estimated Value $100 - 150.
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Lot 242
Clinton, William Jefferson (1946-) 42nd President of the United States. Black and gold ballpoint pen bearing a facsimile of the Presidential signature and the Presidential seal. Excellent condition.
Estimated Value $80 - 125.
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Lot 243
  Framed display of Eisenhower & Nixon Inaugural Items. Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States, is chiefly remembered as the principal architect of the Allied invasion of Europe during World War II and perpetrating the ultimate defeat of Nazi Germany. As president, he ended the Korean War, but his two terms produced few legislative landmarks or dramatic initiatives in foreign policy. His presidency is remembered as a period of relative calm in the United States, and is often regarded with nostalgia by seniors today.

The custom black and clear lucite display holds: a bronze inaugural medal showing both Eisenhower and his Vice-President, Richard Nixon, and dating to his second inauguration. Along with this is a ticket each for admittance to view the inauguration and attend the ball later that evening. Both are for the first inauguration, on January, 20, 1953.

The bronze medal, issued under the authority of the 1957 inaugural committee, has distinguished joint portraits facing left, with names of the two principals on the reverse. The viewing ticket, in red ink, is for Row 1, in stand 10. Its reverse likewise with affable joint portraits flanking a rendering of the White House. The ticket for the ball is in blue and gold ink, with an admission price of $10.00 (probably half a week's wages, or more, for most people then), along with a 20% tax charge!

All items finely preserved, with the viewing ticket having two small, trifling stains on the reverse. Width of largest ticket: 7-1/8". Overall size of display: 13-1/2 x 9-3/8".
Estimated Value $350 - 450.
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Lot 244
Greeley, Horace. Nineteen handwritten pages of notes, with attached newspaper clippings used for reference, from a speech delivered in Massachusetts trying to win Republican votes for Horace Greeley, who was the Democratic presidential nominee. With arguments in support of the Democratic Party as the true party of traditional Republican principles, and about the current, corrupt administration (U.S. Grant's) failing to represent the party of Lincoln. With references to the Crédit Mobilier scandal and justification for Greeley's decision to post bail and win the release of Jefferson Davis (an act of non-vengeful forgiveness Lincoln himself would have supported). Also, sections entitled "Women's Rights," "Democracy," "Reconciliation," "Land Grants and the Pacific Rail Road," "The Glorious old Republican Banner," and "Horace Greeley a Secessionist." Wonderful content and narration of election issues, including the rise of the carpetbaggers, the Ku Klux Klan and Black rights--with Greeley's own views on "free-love." This has it all! Neatly penned and important. Greeley was badly beaten in the election by Grant.
Estimated Value $300 - 400.
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