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Territorial Gold Coins
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Lot 993
1849 Norris, Gregg & Norris (San Francisco) $5 Gold. Plain edge. NGC graded MS-63. Tied for the finest graded with one similar coin at PCGS with none seen higher by either grading service! This is perhaps tied for the finest known with just one other specimen. An important early territorial issue as well, of which perhaps 100 are known, most of which in lower circulated grades. We note that NGC and PCGS combined have graded a total of 57 examples of the Plain Edge variety. The color is a bright yellow gold with substantial luster in the fields. Moderate handling marks can be seen, expected for the grade. Well struck, with the 5 thick and full on the eagle's shield. As problem free as one could hope to find of this issue. Truly an opportunity for the advanced numismatist."
Estimated Value $25,000 - 35,000.
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Lot 994
1851 U.S. Assay Office $50 "slug", 880 THOUS. Reeded edge. NGC graded EF-45. Target Reverse. Here is an ideal example for the grade as there are no serious rim bumps or heavy bag marks that seem to plague so many of these huge heavy "slugs." Always in great demand as the largest and most popular of the Gold Rush issues.
Estimated Value $10,000 - 12,000.
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Lot 995
(1857) Kellogg & Humbert gold bar No. 596. 89.96 oz .935 fine gold, value at the time of issue $1738.76. A monumental and highly desirable gold bar from the S.S. Central America shipwreck. This particular bar is plated in Q. David Bowers A California Gold Rush History. The winner of this lot will receive the owner's deluxe leather edition of this important reference work with an enlarge color photo of this bar.

The surfaces show the usual minor bubbles from casting the molten gold. The lower right corner has been chiped away for assay purposes by the makers as on all genuine bars. As with other bars from these makers, the serial number #596 is stamped on the otherwise blank back of the bar. An impressive large bar that would be the center of any numismatic gold collection.
Estimated Value $60,000 - 80,000.
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Lot 996
(1857) Kellogg & Humbert gold bar No. 1027, 96.79 oz.906 Fine gold, value at time of issue $1812.75. A monumental and very desirable example from these assayers of the California Gold Rush era. The bar itself is a deep yellow gold in color with the surfaces partially overlaid with a coat of natural dark red oxidation. This being a result of the coal from the steamer laying next to the cachet of bars at the bottom of the sea. This natural "patina" adds a certain charm to this bars and can be easily removed if chosen. Of note is the fineness of this bar, which at .906, and the other bar offered in this sale at .935, pure gold is very high for native California gold, which was usually found well below this fineness. The lower right corner has been chipped off for assay purposes, as has the upper right corner on the back of the bar. Also we note the control number of the bar #1027 is stamped on the back of the bar.

As noted in the Bower's publication, the Kellogg & Humbert bars are amongst the most numerous of the bars recovered from the wreck, however, because Kellogg and Humbert were such important participants in the California Gold Rush history, as many coins were known from their partnership, it is these bars that best represent the California Gold Rush era. These bars were completely unknown until the wreck was recovered in the 1980's and made available to collectors in 2000

This bar is accompanied by the special leather edition of Q. David Bowers A California Gold Rush History and the new owner will doubtless spend many hours discussing the epic tales of the discovery of gold in California, and the tragedy of the loss of life on the Central America wreck. Truly a fantastic historical relic which will be the centerpiece of a gold coin collection.
Estimated Value $65,000 - 85,000.
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Lot 997
1855 Kellogg & Co. (San Francisco) $50 Gold. PCGS graded Gem Proof. Struck in San Francisco August 31, 2001. These huge gold coins were struck from transfer dies made from the original 1855 Kellogg and Company dies. The planchets were made from original Kellogg and Humbert assayers gold ingots recovered from the S.S. Central America treasure. This coin has a stamp on the reverse above the eagle showing "Struck August 31, 2001. C.H.S." (California Historical Society). This coin also bears an inscription "S.S. Central America Gold, C.H.S." on the reverse ribbon. This coin is listed in the Guide Book on page 299.

This coin comes with a custom hand-hammered copper frame with gold imprinted purple ribbons -- modeled after the San Francisco Jewelers Shreve & Co., for the famous 1915-S Panama-Pacific commemorative coins, and all is housed in a custom box.

Less than 5000 of these coins were minted in 2001 and they have retailed for $5000. The original 1855 $50.00 round Kellogg & Co. coin sells in excess of $150,000 when available. A truly historic commemorative coin struck from the actual gold recovered from the S.S. Central America ship wreck.
Estimated Value $2,500 - 3,500.
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