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Lot 179
  Carlotta of Mexico. Signature ("Carlota"). Clipped signature, 6 x 2", n.p., n.d. Affixed to paper on back of framed picture of the Empress. There is even toning to the autograph's paper itself, but it is on heavy backing and could be easily removed from the picture backing; the photograph itself is lovely and probably dates from the 1880s. Worth inspection.

Carlota's descent into madness following her failed, desperate efforts to secure help for Maximilian's forces in Mexico makes her one of the most compelling royal figures of the 19th century.
Estimated Value $125 - 150.
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Lot 180
  Withdrawn Unsold
Lot 181
Charles V of Spain (1500-1558) Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain. Most powerful European ruler of his era, he faced numerous religious, social and military conflicts during his reign.

Document Signed ("Carol"). One page, 11½ x 12½", n.p., 1541. To Alphonso D'Auaulos of Mantua (a member of the Gonzaga family). Wax seal and direction on verso. Transmittal folds, minor toning. Very good condition.
Estimated Value $1,000 - 1,500.
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Lot 182
Edward VII (1841-1910). King of England from 1901-1910. The eldest son of Queen Victoria, Edward was known to have an indulgent reputation. Despite constant disapproval from his mother, Edward succeeded the throne upon her death in 1901 and proved to be a quite capable ambassador.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Albert Edward"). As Prince of Wales. Two pages, recto and verso, octavo, London, March 19, 1868. On Marlborough House/ Prince of Wales stationery. To "My dear Helps" (?). Transmittal folds, 1" tear on second page, pencil notation on first page, one ink smudge on inner pages. Very good condition.

The Prince of Wales conveys appreciation and mentions relations between Ireland and Great Britain: "…Many thanks for sending me the Archbishop of Dublin's letter…it is indeed most gratifying to see how much the Queen's Work is appreciated…in Ireland…".
Estimated Value $400 - 500.
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Lot 183
Edward VIII. Autograph Manuscript Signed ("Edward"). One page, quarto, n.p., n.d. With two horizontal and two vertical folds, several pea sized stains, residue from an adhesive verso, and a small loss at lower right corner. Overall in good condition.

As evidenced by the word "Civics" which appears at the top of this essay, Edward appears to be writing the response to a classroom assignment. Though the first page of the essay is no longer attached, we get a clear sense of how young Edward feels about changing political parties: "The quotation is possible to-day but only if you have an able Parliamentarian. I think it used to be more possible in erlier [sic] days, when criticism was not so rife./ A 'good man' sould [sic] reserve both for his party & his consituents [sic], his own clear train of thoughts. In this I mean that he should do as his party wishes in all things, but that directly his notions differ from theirs, he should leave them & change over to the other party." Edward was probably about fifteen years old when he wrote this essay.
Estimated Value $800 - 1,000.
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Lot 184
Frederick II (1712-1786) Frederick the Great, King of Prussia (1740-1786). An able administrator who liberalized the Prussian legal code and economic systems, he was also a military genius. Frederick's imperial desires resulted warfare and alliances that doubled the size of his country's holdings and established the notion of Prussian nationalism. As a patron of the arts, Frederick supported authors, composers and musical groups and was himself an amateur composer and flautist.

Letter Signed ("Frederick"). In German. One page, quarto, Potsdam, May 15, 1781. Transmittal envelope with intact seal included. Minor toning and foxing, transmittal folds, orange stain from seal below text, smudge in bold signature. Very good condition.

By 1781 Frederick was living a relatively quiet life at San Souci Palace in Potsdam, having faced down Austria one last time in 1778 over possession of Bavaria. With the death of Maria-Therese of Austria in 1780, his circle of enemies and friends was almost gone and he had retired to a more pacific existence. His final great act as sovereign of Prussia was to sign a friendship and trade contract with the brand new United States in 1785 (a treaty that lasted 132 years).
Estimated Value $800 - 900.
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Lot 185
Kamehameha IV (1825-1863) King of Hawaii for nine years, he founded the Queen's Hospital and introduced the Episcopal Church. Politically reactionary and pro-British.

Document Signed ("Kamehameha"). In Hawaiian. One page, 8 x 13, Hawaii, August 7, 1955. Accompanied by an English translation. Being a land grant for one Nuuanu (for Kanaina). Countersigned by Victoria Kaahumanu. Intact red wax Great Seal of the Hawaiian Islands shows some cracks, but is intact (there is minor show through). Integral second leaf has separated from body, but is intact and docketed on verso. File folds with minor separation, foxing throughout, still a beautiful document. Very good condition.

A great looking document that is also a very nice piece of real Hawaiian history. The printed section of this document lists Kamehameha III as King, although he had died the previous year there apparently hadn't been time to print new forms and his nephew, Kamehameha IV, signs here. Granting land on Oahu, with a sketch of the parcel drawn beneath the text and a detailed plot description outlined in the text.
Estimated Value $1,250 - 1,500.
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Lot 186
King Hussein and Queen Noor of Jordan. Signed card ("Hussein I" and "Noor Al Hussein"). One page, 6½ x 8½", n.p., 1979. Signature opposite color photograph in burgundy folder with ribbon tie. Transmittal envelope included. Fine.

The courtship and marriage of Hussein and Noor in 1978 captivated the world and her strength in the face of the King's recent death reminded us of one of the 20th century's fairy tales romances.
Estimated Value $250 - 300.
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Lot 187
  Withdrawn Unsold
Lot 188
Maximilian of Mexico (1832-1867) Austrian Archduke, Viceroy of Lombardy, Emperor of Mexico.

Document Signed ("Maximilian"). As Emperor of Mexico. One page, folio, n.p., 1864. Being confirmation and extension of an appointment of Don Jose M. Cortes y Esparza. Appropriate stamps and seals in place and intact, including paper seal (missing only one leaf), interior pages have been notated and stamped by appropriate officials. One horizontal and three vertical folds with some edge separation; minor toning to edges; slightly perforated edge around Maximilian's embossed seal. Very good condition.

Within his short reign, Maximilian had much to contend with and the document offered here is an illustration of speed of his fall: signed shortly after his arrival in Mexico, this extension of Don Jose's appointment (approving it into 1867) made it valid past the date of Maximilian's own execution.
Estimated Value $700 - 800.
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Lot 189
Nicholas II (1868-1917) Last Czar of Russia. Forced by the revolution of 1905 to give Russia a constitution and the Duma. Facing severe depredation and suffering as a result of World War I, and inspired by the Communist writers, unrest spread in Russia and Nicholas was forced to abidicate following the February Revolution. Shot with his family by the Bolsheviks following the October Revolution of 1917.

Document Signed ("Nicholas"). In Russian. One page, folio, n.p., December 2, 1902. Fine.
Estimated Value $750 - 1,000.
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Lot 190
Philip II of Spain (1527-1598) Royal instigator of the Inquisition. His military exploits throughout his career alternately brought glory and shame to Spain, as he oversaw the Spanish defeat of the Turks at Lepanto and the English defeat of his Armada.

Document Signed ("Yo El Rey"). One page, large folio, Madrid (?), 1566. To the Duke of Albuquerque. Wax seal intact on verso. Address and docketing of verso. Transmittal folds, some dampstaining and foxing and the wax seal has caused some ink bleed, but overall condition is very good.
Estimated Value $1,000 - 1,500.
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Lot 191
  Withdrawn Unsold
Lot 192
  Withdrawn Unsold
Lot 193
William IV (1765-1837) King of Great Britain and Ireland (1830-1837), succeeding his brother George IV as king. He was also responsible for the first Parliamentary reforms since 1430.

Autograph Letter Signed ("William Henry"). Two pages, recto and verso, quarto, "Barfleur off Sandy Hook" [New Jersey], November 18, 1787. A note on the integral address leaf (in another hand) indicates the recipient was "his Tutor, Dr. Mayender." Transmittal folds, very minor foxing and toning, adhesive residue and strengthening tape on verso of address leaf. Very good to fine.

From aboard ship, William writes for drawing supplies, "..I send you enclosed the key of a table of mine that stands in the long room next to my bed chamber in London: I shell beg a favour you would send me to the West-Indies everything in those drawers & a box with colours & pencils, as Capn Knight is so good as to teach me to draw…in the letter, you will do me the pleasure to write, pray give me such advise as you think necessary; I shall be happy to receive it from any body, but particularly from you I have so long lived with…" William may be asking for advice regarding his naval career; he had been given command of a frigate two years before this letter was written and was serving in the West Indies. He came to dislike life in the Navy a few years later and his naval career ended.
Estimated Value $500 - 600.
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