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Lot 86
Adler, Alfred (1870 - 1937) Austrian psychiatrist who introduced the concept of the inferiority complex. Initially an associate of Sigmund Freud, Adler broke with Freud and by 1911 had founded his own school of thought. Adler based his psychological philosophy on the importance of the inferiority complex and man's attempt to compensate for these feelings. Adler also emphasized the importance of education and, in 1921, opened his first child-guidance clinics in Vienna.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Adler"). In German. 3 x 5" postcard, recto and verso, Vienna, March 3, 1916. To Dr. Carl Grosz. Toning, minor foxing. Fine.

Expressing pleasure that Dr. Grosz is still practicing psychology, Adler takes the opportunity to write a concise description of his evolving views on psychology. "…Don't you find that the neurological science appropriates for itself--in a positive way--all the findings in the psychology of the individual? Everything is psychological, everything is unconscious intent, everything depends on the basic disposition of the individual. Naturally it is only right that I have to remain outside. And also the 'piece of the castle' expresses itself: I have put down my arms. Recently I was at Thornton's. A nice case, complete with everything. Also interesting that he even incorporated his doctor Fischauf into his system. From the latter arrived a somewhat qualming letter. much obliged for your communication about neuroses. I should like to hear more about it.".
Estimated Value $1,000 - 1,300.
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Lot 87
Bell, Alexander Graham. Typed Letter Signed ("Alexander Graham Bell"). One page, quarto, Washington DC, March 23, 1915. On Bell's letterhead. To Miss E. Feigenbaum. Transmittal folds with attendant creasing. Very good condition.

Responding to an autograph request, Bell pens his signature.
Estimated Value $1,000 - 1,500.
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Lot 88
Carver, George Washington (1864?-1943) American agronomist and agricultural chemist whose experiments with peanuts, sweet potatoes and soybeans revolutionized the agricultural economy of the South. He spent most of his career teaching and running experiments at the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute (Tuskegee University).

Autograph Letter Signed ("G.W. Carver"). One page, recto and verso, quarto, Tuskegee Institute, Alabama, April 17, 1933. On Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute letterhead. To "My own dear boy, Mr. Davis". Transmittal folds and filing holes. Very good to fine.

A wonderful letter, illustrating Carver's warmth and dedication to his students: "…my yearning desire is for you to develop your very unusual mind, a mind that longs for truth. You are struggling to work out truth…". A true mentor and a great individual.
Estimated Value $500 - 600.
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Lot 89
Edison, Thomas Alva. Typed Document Signed ("Thos A Edison"). One page, quarto, n.p., circa May 28, 1927. Being the final page of the minutes of a Board of Directors meeting of the Edison Phonograph Distributing Company. A reinforcing strip appears along the left margin and measures 1½" in width, toning throughout, a small smudge affects the "T" of Edison's first name, and there are two light residue stains at upper left. Overall, in very good to fine condition.

In this final page of the minutes detailing Edison's Board of Director's meeting, we are only able to determine two of the issues facing the Edison Phonograph Company in 1927: the first is a partial discussion of a matter concerning the State of Louisiana; the second concerns leasing a building in Boston for $50 a year. Edison signs and approves the document along with his son Charles, Arthur Walsh, Henry Lanahan and others.
Estimated Value $650 - 750.
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Lot 90
Edison, Thomas Alva. Signature ("Thos A Edison"). One page, 3¼ x 2¼", n.p., n.d. Pencil on small album page. Minor toning and handling soil to edges, otherwise fine. A small piece with a strong signature for mounting or display.
Estimated Value $300 - 400.
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Lot 91
Edison, Thomas Alva (1847-1931) American inventor whose innovative work in electricity and communication laid the foundation for the modern technical age. Among his more than a thousand patents are those for the electric lamp and the phonograph.

Signature ("Thos A. Edison"). One page, 5 x 3", n.p.(Orange, NJ?), 1927. Blue ink on cream card stock. Original transmittal envelope included. Minor corner abrasions, otherwise fine.

A wonderful umbrella signature.
Estimated Value $300 - 400.
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Lot 92
Einstein, Albert (1879-1955). Nobel Prize winning physicist, famed for determining the theory of relativity. In addition to his many scientific advances, Einstein proved himself a broad thinker: after leaving Germany for America during World War II, he wrote a book with Sigmund Freud in support of world peace. When fellow German scientists informed him that the possibility of splitting uranium atoms could result in a catastrophic explosion, Einstein worked to verify this theory and then proceeded to warn President Roosevelt of the results. Einstein spent the remainder of his life trying to synchronize his quantum theory and general theory of relativity.

Book Signed ("A. Einstein"). Goya, 14 pages, 10 x 13", Leipzig. Inscribed in blue ink at upper right of title page: "Frau Prof. Zugger zum Andenken / A. Einstein / April 1920." Expected light wear to book, else fine.

Frau Professor Zangger was Mathilde Mayenfisch Zangger, a professor of physiology and medicine at the University of Zurich. Her husband, Heinrich Zangger, was also professor and a close friend of Einstein's. Much of the Zangger/Einstein correspondence has been cataloged in The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein (Princeton University Press). By 1920, Einstein had achieved international renown for his studies in physics and in two years would win the Nobel Prize.
Estimated Value $3,000 - 4,000.
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Lot 93
Lister, Joseph (1827-1912). Surgeon noted for introducing the practice of using antiseptic conditions during surgery.

Autograph Note. One page, octavo, n.p., July 9, 1897. On Portland Place stationery. In brown ink. One horizontal fold, repairs to verso along upper edge and lower corners, soiling along upper edge. Overall, in good to very good condition.

Ever the philanthropist, here the noted doctor makes a donation to charity: "Lord Lister sends the enclosed as a contribution to the Essex Devastation Fund which the Lord Mayer has had the kindness to open at the Mansion House.".
Estimated Value $475 - 575.
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Lot 94
Marconi, Guglielmo (1874-1937) Italian physicist and inventor, he received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1909 and his work on shortwave wireless communication constitutes the basis of all modern long-distance radio communication.

Signature ("G. Marconi"). One page, 3½ x 2½", n.p. (1933?). Another signature ("C. Marconi") appears beneath Marconi's. The card is affixed to the top of an article advertising a special luncheon honoring Marconi, to be held in San Francisco in October of 1933. Marconi's signature is strong and clear and the overall condition is very good to fine.
Estimated Value $300 - 500.
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Lot 95
Menninger, Karl. Lot of four. Three Typed Letters Signed. All three letters are on "One Fifth Avenue" letterhead and dated 1938 to 1939. Two personal letters are to Menninger's friend Cap Pearce of The New Yorker ("Karl") and one is to Mrs. Ogden Reid ("Karl Menninger MD"), discussing why he likes the Tribune better than the New York Times. The Reid letter has extensive penciled notations and corrections. The fourth item in this lot is a short biography/bibliography of Howard Fast, apparently written and corrected by Menninger. Very good to fine condition.
Estimated Value $300 - 400.
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