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The Nov 14-15, 2020 Collectibles Auction

American Space Flights
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Lot 861
Massive Archive of 450 8 x 10" Color Photos from Dick Underwood's Personal Collection Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and ASTP, Red Serial Numbers. Collection of 450 8 x 10" photographs, the great majority printed with the desirable red serial numbered NASA photographs from the personal collection of Dick Underwood. (There are a few B&W images scattered throughout, and some duplicates).
Note: Every color photo exhibits dye instability. This is common with photos printed on Kodak Paper 30-40 years ago causing an overall turn-to-reds especially in the cooler whites and blues. This characteristic is exacerbated by high temperatures and humidity. Of course that is the very definition of Houston, Texas weather where the Underwood family resided. Collection remains an impressive archive with a great many of the photos being images of Earth. Note: the image of Earth as seen in catalog photo actually boasts original hand written notations by Underwood identifying areas of North America which is most appealing. Estimated Value $800 - UP
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Lot 862
Dick Underwood Collection of 70mm and Large Format Film of Earth Taken From High Altitude Aircraft, Apollo and Skylab Missions (1927-2011) Richard "Dick" Underwood was chief engineer on the production of the first topographic maps of the moon. He was the first person to view every photograph from the Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, Apollo-Soyuz and the first 23 space shuttle missions. He also provided technical training to every astronaut who went into space in the 20th Century. Large collection of processed 70mm and one spool of large format film taken of Earth from a variety of Missions. There are some 35 smaller rolls of 70mm film, two medium sized rolls, one from Skylab and a remarkable large format spool of film likely taken from High Altitude aircraft. Know the frame size on this canister of film is a whopping 4 x 5" making the images of Earth quite detailed. Well stored, we noted just one of the smaller rolls a tad sticky. With this collection comes a collection of snipped 70mm film for examination and 75 color slides all with notations. Comes with LOA from Underwood Family. Estimated Value $600 - UP
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Lot 863
Fascinating Artifacts from the Apollo Program; Flown Apollo 12 Lunar Map Segment, Apollo 15 Trench Material, Apollo 16 Kapton Foil Samples. Wonderful pieces from the Ken Havekotte Collection of interesting samples relating to three Apollo missions each with a presentation COA suitable for framing. 1.) Apollo 12 flown lunar map segment. #6 of only 31 available. The original/complete map was used by Command Pilot Richard Gordon while in lunar orbit aboard the Yankee Clipper. Gordon made 45 lunar orbits after 89 hours around the moon. Segment is visible in the black of photo with flag unfurled on the moon that is part of the COA issued by Havekotte. 2.) Apollo 15 trench material crystallized by the intense heat of the thrust. Small bag of crystals attached to COA as well as a signed 8 x 10" photo by Command Module Pilot, Al Worden. 3.) Apollo 16 samples (three total on two presentation Coas of Kapton Foil thermal insulation trimmed from the LM Orion during construction by a Grumman technician. All three of these certified artifacts are in excellent condition as are the informative Coas. Estimated Value $500 - UP
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