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Lot 825
Charles Lindbergh, Signed First Edition "WE", 1927 (1902-1974) Charles Lindbergh achieved world fame with his non-stop flight from New York to Paris in 1927, a feat at the time equivalent to the first moon landing. An enormous public figure due both to tragedy and political activism. One of the most important figures of the 20th Century. Offered is a signed First Edition of WE his autobiography of his life in aviation and its future. Lindbergh has signed boldly below his photo opposite the title page; signature has been authenticated by James Spence, LOA included. G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1927., 1927. Hardcover. Condition is in near fine condition bound in the publisher's original gilt stamped blue cloth, minor rubbing to upper edges of spine and a bookseller's sticker inside front laid endpaper. No dust jacket. This is a prize for collectors of aviation, space, books and Americana. Estimated Value $2,500 - UP
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Lot 826
Amelia Earhart Rare Signed Autobiography, "20 Hours 40 Mins. Our Flight in the Friendship" First Edition with COA by James Spence (1897-1937/39) Autobiography by Amelia Earhart on her first transatlantic flight from Trepassey in Newfoundland to Wales. Book is in very good condition with original dust jacket. Earhart has signed on the blank side of frontispiece portrait photo quite boldly in steel point, blue fountain pen ink. A slight hint of smudge on the "A" of Amelia otherwise as perfect of a signature by the legendary flyer. Famously, she and navigator Frank Noonan disappeared July 2nd, 1937 somewhere near Howland, Island in the Pacific; they were not declared dead in abstentia until Jan. 5th, 1939. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1928. First edition. Dust jacket original with slight angled trims to flaps, two strips of acid-free tape to hold front flaps in check, mild staining and edge wear. Book in very good condition with deep burgundy cloth covered boards clean, gilt gold printing on cover and spine complete with only slight toning, with book square and firm with no book plates.
A prized volume for collectors of aviation as well as rare books. Estimated Value $1,200 - UP
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Lot 827
  Large Collection of Early Jet Engineers, Test Pilots, WWII Pilots (Enola Gay and Memphis Belle) Early Aerospace. 32 Signed Pieces. Fine collection of notables in jet engineering, WWI, WWII and early Aerospace. 1.) WWI: Excellent signed First Day Issue cover and honoring the US ARMY and 3¢ stamp beautifully signed by Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker 2.) General James H. Doolittle WWI flight instructor, aviation pioneer and Commander of Doolittle Raid in WWII, three (3) signed covers as J.H. Doolittle commemorating the 20th Anniversary of First St. Louis Air Mail Flight Oct. 4, 1911-1931. 3.) Sir Frank Whittle co-inventor of the jet engine, a typed/signed/dated 1937 Testing Report, a signed photo, and a signed biographical card. 4.) Cover postmarked Muroc Air Force Base, Muroc California 1942 scarce because now very well known as Edwards AFB in 1950. Free postage, uncensored. 5.) Eric Brown, legendary British test pilot and WWII fighter pilot, signing two war time photographs (restrikes) of him in fighter jet. Coas included. 6.) V1 Rocket German propaganda leaflet meant to be deployed over Liege in phenomenal condition timed with the Ardennes offensive (Battle of the Bulge.) 7.) 3 members of the Black Sheep Squadron (made famous by television show) pilots Ed Harper, James Hill and Robert McLurg in group photo. 8.) Two photos signed by German ME-163 Rocket Plane pilot and German Luftwaffe Ace Otto Böhner 9.) Two signed photos of the crew of the Memphis Belle each signed by Pilot Captain Bob Morgan. 10.) Eight (8) photos signed by the pilot of the Enola Gay Paul Tibbets (with one co-signed by tail-gunner George Caron.) plus two signed 50th Anniversary Covers of the Bombing of Tokyo that have the pulled Atomic Bomb Ends WWII postmarked Alamogordo, NM. 11.) Three (3) photos signed by Morris Jeppson, assistant weaponeer on the Enola Gay. 12.) Milton Reynolds first private citizen to fly around the world signed cover. 13.) Two (2) signed photos by Chalmers "Slick" Goodlin pilot of the Bell XS-1 aircraft. 14.) Outstanding handwritten letter by Robert Cardenas (dated 1947 he meant 1997) replying to a fan that he can't give out his signature due to idenitity theft. But if he is going to be at the "Gathering of Eagles, The Men of Mach One" he can sign his book there for him. Written on Cardenas' letterhead with the YB-49 "Flying Wing" clearly illustrated. Lot also includes signed photos by test pilots R.J. Harer, Bob Hoover, two signed photos by Jerrie Cobb, one of the few woman making a mark in jet aviation, Brigadier General Homer Boushey and a vintage photo of the Northrop MX-324 with Public Affairs tag on verso.
All of these pieces are in superior condition and this is a phenomenal collection for collector or dealer alike. 32 signed pieces and 4 unsigned pieces. Estimated Value $600 - UP
From The Collection of Alden T. Barnes.

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Lot 828
Handsome Sensenich Birch Wood Propeller, Manufactured in 2010, 86" Long, Display Only. A striking decor item at least since the 1960s is the classic wood propeller, especially those made by Sensenich. Their brand of propeller's eye appeal is without dispute given the craftsmanship and, yes artistry in the birch wood construction, the number of laminations and the varnish finishes each propeller is given all but rivaling fine wood furniture. This propeller is 86" tip to tip and 9" wide at center. Serial# AH 9801 based on going on the Sensenich website indicates this propeller was made in 2010. Near the core, twice has been imprinted, "Not Airworthy" in small letters. Propeller is in all but mint condition, we note only one tiny ding in the green urethane edge which is virtually impossible to see. Propeller has been on display in a private office for the past decade and looking for a new wall to impress. Continental US only as dimensions for overseas shipping prohibitive. Estimated Value $500 - UP
From The Private Collection of James Harrison Ring.

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Lot 829
Collection of Rare Test Pilot Eight Signed Items: Theodore Freeman, Elliott See, Charles Bassett, Also Chuck Yeager & Bill Dana, 8 Signatures Total. Hitting squarely in the history covered in THE RIGHT STUFF and other fine books on test pilots and jet aviation a collection of signatures by elite pilots of the past, several in this collection who gave their lives flying. 1.) Theodore Freeman was selected to be part of the astronaut program by NASA but perished in 1963 in a T-38 Talon on landing, the first fatality in the NASA Astronaut Corps. Freeman signed originally on a plain cover in top left which was then stamped with the Apollo 9 art on the front but much clearer on the verso. It was then time stamped Mar. 3, 69 11:00 AM front and back. Steve of Zarelli Space Authentication kindly weighed in on this piece and confirmed it legitimate by email. 2.) Charles Bassett and Elliott See were selected to be part of the Gemini and assigned to Gemini 9. However in February 1966 both were flying in another T-38 trainer jet in St. Louis in inclement weather and struck a building at McDonnell Aircraft during landing and killed. One signed cover by Elliott See postmarked 1965, Houston Texas and one cover signed by Charles Bassett and post marked December 15, 1960, Washington DC, a 3 x 5" card signed as "Charlie" Bassett and a NASA portrait. Also included is 3.) Also included are individually signed covers by Chuck Yeager, Bill Dana, Al White and Al Atwell. Estimated Value $400 - UP
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Lot 830
Ann Helton Pellegreno: Pilot of the Amelia Earhart 30th Anniversary Flight, Huge Trove of Mostly Signed Flight Covers from 1967 + Rare Copy of Book. A landmark commemoration of Amelia Earhart's last flight took place in early 1967 in a restored 1930s Lockheed 10, a sister ship to the one flown by Earhart. Pilot Ann Helton Pellegreno took off from Oakland and charted her way through much of Earhart's original flight, even meeting people that met Earhart during her flight.
The First Edition book "World Flight The Earhart Trail" by Pellegreno, included in this lot with original dust jacket is quite rare and can sell for several hundreds of dollars. The 30th Anniversary Flight Covers themselves are collected by members of The Air Mail Society and the Aerophilatelic Federation of the Americas. Also included in this lot is a study of the covers by Fred Wellman.
Collection consists of sets/multiple copies with 40 signed by Pellegreno of the 30th Anniversary covers each having stamps from a number of locations on the flight: San Francisco, CA, Natal, Brazil, Dakar, Senegal, Karachi, Pakistan, Singapore, and Lae, New Guinea. All pieces, the book, the study, the covers signed and unsigned in excellent condition. Estimated Value $300 - UP
From The Collection of Alden T. Barnes.

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Lot 831
  Next Generation Flights: Outstanding Trove of Ephemera Including Voyager, Space Ship One, Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer. Over 100 Pieces. A landmark first in aviation was set with Voyager, the flight piloted by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager took place on December 14, 1986, and successfully flew around the world never stopping, never refueling for 9 days covering 26,366 miles. The majority of this collection does center on this remarkable accomplishment including a damaged landing gear strut from an early test flight, remnants from some damage collected which includes flown honeycomb/Magnalite graphite structure samples and cut away samples on an information sheet. There are 12 dual signed covers 11 double postmarked day of take off and day of landing Edwards Air Force Base. At least 25-30 plus signed pieces by the pilots at least 20 cloth patches, many different styles that are quite striking, and numerous signed photos.
Also included is Virgin Atlantic's "Global Flyer" huge pull-out newspaper section in Salinas, Kansas where it landed boldly signed by pilot Steve Fossett and a huge signature by billionaire and owner Richard Branson. A notebook of signed color 8 x 10s by pilots of "SpaceShipOne" Mike Milville, Brian Binnie and Burt Rutan which are almost all different and truly great.
Besides the large number of Voyager patches there is one patch for Constellation, one for Hyper X, one for Orion, One for X-30 NASP and a set of six patches for ESA and NASA.
A dream collection for dealers and collectors. Estimated Value $300 - UP
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Lot 832
Aviation Collection: Chuck Yeager Bold Signature & NF-104 Crash Fragment, Aviation Log of A-1 Navy's First Airplane, + Vintage Photos. Aviation collection with great appeal for collectors. 1.) Bold autograph of Chuck Yeager plus a very scarce aircraft crash site artifact from the NF-104A augmented jet he was piloting that at an altitude of 104,000 feet went into a flat spin to 11,000 feet. Yeager ejected safely but was badly burned on his face, an event depicted in the film THE RIGHT STUFF. 2) Vintage e-print of Aviation Log, Curtiss Hydroaeroplane Navy No. A-1, 1 July 1911 to 16 October 1912 as republished in 1961 by Lee M. Pearson Historian Naval Weapons and makes for fascinating reading with the last chapter exclusive of the aviation logs containing amazing photos. 3.) Autograph and two original photos of "Wrong Way" Corrigan in 1939. 4.) 14 phenomenal 8 x 10" vintage original war planes and training exercises 7th Fleet. Great collection and in excellent condition. Estimated Value $250 - UP
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