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Lot 73
Rare Chinese Exports ca. 1790 Tea Pot, Two Cups/Saucers George Washington "GW" Monogram Shield Identical to Bowl at Mt. Vernon. Ch'ien Lung Chinese export ware c. 1790. Exceptionally rare, original antique lidded teapot, two cups and two saucers with the monogram of George Washington. Referenced thoroughly in Elinor Gordon's Collecting Chinese Export Pottery, Revised Edition from The Main Street Press, Pittstown, New Jersey, we quote "Unmistakably American is the mug (Goldberg auctions previously sold) which carries the simple monogram "GW" for George Washington. The decoration is armorial, but is not heavily weighted with heraldic elements. An ermine-lined blue mantle surrounds the shield. The border is a blue enamel wavy band with polychrome floral sprigs. She quotes a newspaper ad from the Providence Gazette of this export ware to be "Manufactured in the Best Manner, all sorts of China-Ware with Arms, Cyphers and other Decorations painted in a very superior style and on the most reasonable Terms, Jan 8, 1804".

Four pieces: Lidded teapot has a lovely and quite functional double branch entwined handle connecting to wall of pot in four places for extra stability. The lid is a fine fit with a berry finial. The teapot has a stress fissure that has been professionally stabilized that begins at lip, down the side across the base of pot and immediately stops. It never impacted the opposing side. We note a filler near top of lip otherwise the stress fissure has not divided the teapot in any way. With lid 6" x 9 x 6". Cup and Saucer. Cup with handle (2½ x 2½ x 2½") has one fleabite along the edge of lip and one glaze pop. The saucer has one tiny chip to top edge of lip that did not cause a crack otherwise fine condition (1¼ x 5¼ x 5¼") The teacup is gorgeous, has no issues, 2 x 3¼ x 3¼" and we note the addition of a delicate hand painted iris opposite the monogram in matching gilt gold and black. It's saucer a duplicate of the other also has a tiny chip causing no crack, virtually the same size and nearly the same position to monogram as the other saucer. Again these issues pale to the history they represent and present beautifully.

On 12/01/2012, Goldberg Auctions sold a single mug in this pattern for $5375.00 which was the very example used for study in Elinor Gordon's reference export pottery guide which was sold previously at Sotheby's in New York, Jan 23, 2010. March 21-23, 2020, Goldberg Auctions sold an exceptional lidded pot and saucer for $7200. Finally of note, Gordon's book mentions that a punch bowl in this pattern from 1795 is on permanent display at Mount Vernon which belonged to George Washington. It has the identical shields of the pieces previously sold as well as the four pieces offered here. These are and remain, quite rare.. Estimated Value $5,000 - UP
Reference: Elinor Gordon "Collecting Chinese Export Porcelain", Main Street Press, NY.

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Lot 74
Three Rare, 19th/20th Century Medals Tiffany & Co. & J. E. Caldwell : New England Society and the 14K Gold, Mary Washington Memorial Assoc. Three rare, highly prized medals from the 19th Century and very early 20th Century
1.) New England Society, In the City of New York was founded in 1805 while Thomas Jefferson was President and is one of the oldest social and charitable organizations in the United States. The New England Society insignia features the Mayflower, and holly and holly berries representing good will, defense, happiness, and foresight. This bronze and enamel medal was designed by Tiffany & Co. and struck for the Society in the very late 19th century. It is suspended from a pink and white grosgrain ribbon and a plain gold pin bar. 2 3/4" x 1 1/2" medal. Medal was awarded to Allen S. Apgar, a former Union Captain who went on to head Merchants and Mariners Bank Excellent condition, with ribbon having only mild toning, all enamel intact. Beautiful example.

2.) A second New England Society, In the City of New York awarded to the same Allan S. Apgar dated Dec. 21, 1901 with same pink and white grosgrain on the occasion of the 96th Annual Festival. We could not find another example of this piece.

3.) National Mary Washington Memorial Association founded in 1890 and financed the construction of the memorial for the revered mother of George Washington after her original headstone was severely damaged during the Civil War and chipped by souvenir hunters. The only memorial in America financed by women for a woman. Offered is an original 14K rose gold badge of the society in the shape of a white enamel five-point star, balls at the tips, with the old English letters N, M, W, M, & A, in blue enamel on the points. The center features the head of Mary Washington surrounded by laurel leaves. The reverse center has the Washington family shield in white and red enamel. The reverse points are beautifully engraved with No. 65, Elizabeth Brown, Feb. 22nd. 1890. The top point is marked "Caldwell & Co. / Phila. / Pat." The badge is 40mm and weighs 10.7 grams and still in its original J. E. Caldwell & Co. presentation box. Box definitely exhibits wear and age but the medal itself is in excellent condition with enamel intact. Estimated Value $800 - UP
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Lot 75
Impressive, 60+ Presidential Campaign Button Collection in Custom Shadow Box. Collection of 63 campaign buttons framed, primarily for presidential elections. They include: McKinley/Roosevelt, Wilson/Glynn, Roosevelt/Truman/ Roosevelt/Wallace, Hoover/Curtis, Eisenhower/Nixon, Stevenson/Kefauver, Bryan/Sewall, Landon/Knox, McGovern/Shriver, McCarthy, Humprey/Muskie, Dewey/Warren, Warren G. Harding, Wendell Wilkie, Lyndon Johnson, Nixon/Agnew, Goldwater/Miller, T.R., Alfred E. Smith, Alton B. Parker, Charles E. Hughes, Gen. MacArthus, and others. One distinctive button says, "If you liked Hitler, you'll love Wallace." A wonderful collection of historical campaign buttoms. Framed to an overall size of 23" x 26½". All the buttons are in excellent condition. Estimated Value $500 - UP
Ex Goldberg Auctions.

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Lot 76
Very Scarce Political Buttons: Abraham Lincoln Meadlet, Four (4) McKinley/Roosevelt Campaign Button Yale Taft Ribbon and (6) Eisenhower. 1.) Rare Abraham Lincoln re-election dime-sized silver medalet "Abraham Lincoln, An Honest Man, The Crisis Demands his Re-Election 1864." Fine patina, great condition with pin sized suspension hole. Here is one of those unusual overlaps between a 19th century political token and a U.S. Mint product. The Philadelphia Mint struck these pieces DURING the 1864 presidential campaign (August 27 through October). They were made in gold (29), silver (as many as 700 + 200 the day before the Lincoln assassination) plus and undisclosed number of pieces in copper.

2.) Four different campaign buttons for William McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt all from Whitehead and Hoag Co. Newark NJ 1896. One is especially fine centered in grosgrain ribbon having only minimum fraying. Large button is 2 x 2", the others 1¼ and all in quite fine condition.

3.) Rare William Howard Taft commemorative lapel pin with ribbons from the September 7, 1909 Yale Club Field Day. The event was held in honor of William Howard Taft, Yale class of 1878. 3" in excellent condition with gilt letter still very clean and with only slight fraying of ribbon at tips.

4.) Vintage original Eisenhower campaign buttons (dime-sized) from good to very fine condition including an "I Still Like Ike" re-election button. Also included the January 20, 1957 2nd Inauguration button and ribbon. Estimated Value $400 - UP
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Lot 77
"Messages and Papers of the Presidents" Original Ten Volume Set From George Washington to Teddy Roosevelt. Published 1897-1903. This is the original 10 volume set of "Messages and Papers of the Presidents" compiled in 1897 pursuant to an act of the 52nd Congress. Volume X besides having the 453 page index for all 10 volumes also contains a Prefatory Note by author James D. Richardson (Representative from Tennessee) which he composed on July 4, 1899. "This volume closes the task entered upon me in April 1895, of compiling all the official papers of the President. Instead of finding it the labor of a year, as I supposed it would be when I undertook it, the work has occupied me closely for more than four years. Obviously the editions continued changing the location of the index with volume X not ending with Theodore Roosevelt. But at the time, this was a ten volume set published between 1897 - 1903 with George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison's papers in Volume I and Volume X ending with William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt and the comprehensive index. Published by Bureau of Literature and Art. Volumes are in fine to very condition. Consistently the only issues are the tops of the spines. The ends atop and bottom display wear and minor chipping to leather but not in any way from rough handling. It's just the leather edges have become brittle. However the bindings of all ten are squared and very firm, with the interior pages extremely clean almost as if they were never read. Gilt on edges very much present and the board covers and end papers/end sheets in greenish and cream marbled patterns are all enhanced with a gilt gold web overlay and remain near gleaming. The set is quite handsome and a must have collection for any research library. Estimated Value $400 - UP
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Lot 78
Roosevelt, Theodore, Very Scarce 1904, 2" Cello Campaign Button Set in Gilt Tin Enhancer "For Roosevelt No Change Wanted" with Ribbon. Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States served two terms, 1901-1909. This campaign button is for his re-election in 1904 and is a 2" cello split-pin button that has been affixed permanently to a 4" gilt tin "enhancer" and suspended from a wide, red, white and blue ribbon that was then pinned to the delegate or individual. The enhancer reads across the top; ROOSEVELT and below "For Roosevelt, No Change Wanted, Represented by the Executive Committee. The center button is in excellent condition, the tin enhancer having some gilt loss but still very much legible. The ribbon obviously is fragile but intact. We could not find this button using three reference books. Estimated Value $250 - UP
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Lot 79
Collection of Political Ephemera with a Focus On John F. Kennedy. Fine little collection of political buttons, campaign swag and commemorative pieces. 2.) The oldest piece is a pack of smokes imprinted "I Like Ike" with image on front, "Eisenhower For President Cigarettes" printed on verso. 2.) John F. Kennedy pieces include two large Kennedy For President window stickers, the classic lapel campaign button, Kennedy Johnson, and the President and Mrs, Kennedy ash tray and creamer with their images on both. Finally the Saturday Evening Post"s In Memoriam issue with the now famous portrait of Kennedy by Norman Rockwell. From more modern times; an empty can of Billy Beer (Billy Carter brother of Jimmy) and buttons of Nixon/Agnew, Reagan/Bush, Bush/Quayle, Ross Perot, McGovern/Shriver, Humphrey/ Muskie and more. Total of about 40 political buttons from Kennedy to Bush/Quayle. Estimated Value $250 - UP
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Lot 80
Clinton, William Jefferson and Al Gore, 52nd Presidential Inaugural Program with Signatures. 52nd Presidential Inaugural Program with an authentic signature by Al Gore and an autopen of Bill Clinton. LOA from James Spence authenticating both the original signature and the autopen. The January 17, 1993 12 color page program is in near mint condition and includes the 5 day schedule of events. Estimated Value $100 - UP
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Lot 81
Reagan, Ronald: ALS to Influential Republican Ally in Connecticut + Presidential Inaugural Materials (1911-2004) 40th President of the United States (1981-89). Autograph letter signed, on personal letterhead, one page, 11x8½" (Pacific Palisades, CA. Jan. 18, 1978). To Phyllis Johnson of Fairfield, Connecticut. (transmittal envelope postmarked Jan. 18, 1978), trying to connect with her either by letter or phone for an "opportunity," clearly early campaign related. Johnson was evidently a figure of note not only for her outsized personality but her extensive charity and GOP activism in Connecticut.

Also included from Johnson's collection is a January 20, 1969 formal printed invitation, 11 x 8¼", to the Inauguration of Richard Milhous Nixon and Spiro Theodore Agnew, together with: A formal printed invitation to the January 20, 1981 Ronald Reagan and George Bush Inauguration, along with printed invitations from the Inaugural Committee to other festivities such as The Inaugural Ball, Reception, etc. Includes a case of official Inaugural Blazer Buttons as issued; a Richard M. Nixon First Day Cover stamped "Inauguration Day"; a signed photo by Prescott Bush (brother of George H.W. Bush) to Phyllis Johnson; and some other related items. All items in overall excellent condition. Estimated Value $600 - UP
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