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The Nov 14-15, 2020 Collectibles Auction

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Lot 720
Greek. Finest Classical Period, circa 500 B.C. Exceptional female Gold Pendant. Fine style female head with hair pulled back and wearing an ivy diadem. A stunning piece! Superb condition. Weight: 6.27 gr. Size: 24 mm
High karat gold. Estimated Value $2,500 - UP
Ex William Oldknow Collection.

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Lot 721
Early Christian Lamp from Carthage, c. 422-500 AD. Red clay and slip. Length: 13.4 cm (5¼"), Diameter of discus: 8 cm (3½").

Red ware discus lamp wth Christogram in relief in discus. The monogram of Christ is decorated with a geometric pattern composed of concentric circles, lozenges and pellets. The shoulder frame of the lamp is adorned with slightly less than lifesize renditions of gold solidi of Theodosius II, half showing the obverse with a military bust of the emperor facing three-quarters right, and half showing the reverse with Victory holding a long cross. At the nozzle end of the shoulder frame are two rectaangles decorated with lozenges. On the lower side of the lamp, in ink, is written #952 Sbeitla, Tunisia, and on the bottom 439 AD. Estimated Value $1,500 - UP
Parallels: For other lamps from the same mold, see A. Ennabli, Lampes Chrétiennes de Tunisie (Paris 1976), pl. Lii, 952 (illustrated in color on the front cover) and BMC III, Q1766 MLA.

This example, the only one with renditions of coins, circulating at the time, used as a decoration. Very rare. Superb condition and completely intact.
From the Eclectic Numismatic Treasure (Newman Numismatic Portal); Purchased from Antiqua, 1-13-17.

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Lot 722
Ancient Greek Coin Pendant. Macedonian Empire. Alexander III The Great. Silver Tetradrachm. Minted in Mesembria. (Price 1066). Obverse: Head of Heracles to right, headdress with lion's skin. Reverse: BAΣIΛEΩΣ AΛEΞANΔPOY. "King Alexander". Zeus seated left, holding eagle in right hand scepter in left; front Corinthian helmet, to r. ΔA and monogram. Large flan. Superb Extremely Fine condition.

Set in a custom heavy 14kt gold bezel pendant by Aber and Levine Ltd. Kedumim, Israel. Weight: 8.7 gr. Size 41 mm. Accompanied by a handsome full descriptive COA portfolio. Estimated Value $1,500 - UP
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Lot 723
  Greek. Fine Classical Period, circa 400 BC Single Gold Earring. Lion's head earring with open mouth and fine decorated collar, terminating tail. Intact, no repairs and Extremely Fine. Weight: 6.65 g; Size: 23.5 mm.
High karat gold. Estimated Value $1,250 - UP
Ex William Oldknow Collection.

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Lot 724
[Macedonia, Ancient Greece Philip II] Magnificent Gold Stater Mounted in a Victorian Brooch with Ancient Greco-Roman Intaglios. AV stater mounted into a Victorian styled brooch surrounded by Ancient Roman carnelian intaglios. The stater, a lifetime issue of Pella (cf. LeRider 72) in superb, extremely fine condition and is expertly mounted in a convex 22K brooch of elegant classical style. Each intaglio is set in a custom gold bezel. This is a stunning and unique piece of exquisite quality and craftsmanship. 2 x 2" round, superior condition and with a total gross weight of 23 grams.

Note: The fair market wholesale value of the gold stater (issued by Philip II, the father of Alexander The Great) and founder of the Hellenistic Period of Greek art) equals the total estimate on this piece. Each Greco-Roman carnelian intaglio and the center drop of banded agate intaglio depicting Pan and Eros together are at least worth as much. Estimated Value $7,500 - UP
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Lot 725
  Withdrawn Unsold
Lot 726
Roman, ca. 2nd-3rd century Bronze Panther-form Handle. Very appealing cast bronze handle stylized to resemble a leaping feline, with its head high, legs outstretched, and body delicately attenuated to convey both grace and speed. Rear paws are fit into an integral loop, perhaps to facilitate hanging. Forepaws are missing. Smooth green patina with earthen encrustation. Accompanied by a custom metal base that presents the piece nicely. Length: 5¼". Estimated Value $200 - UP
The Living Torah Museum, Brooklyn, NY Ex Living Torah Museum collection; ex collection of Harlan Berk, Chicago.

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Lot 727
Standing Avalokiteshvara (Bodhisattva of Compassion) Bronze from Thailand. Lovely Thai bronze standing Buddha figure of having a mottled patina, serene expression and elongated earlobes. Figure is intact with no repairs, possibly 12th century and measures 11 centimeters tall and presented on dark ebony stand for a total height of 15 centimeters. Estimated Value $250 - UP
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Lot 728
Collection of 7-Piece, Multicultural Antiquities Celebrating " The Mother-Goddess", Beautifully Presented in Custom Shadowbox. Mother-Goddess worship has been recognized since antiquity. This multi-culture 7-piece collection consists of the following objects, all tastefully exhibited in a custom 13" x 3" x 13" clear Lucite shadow box:
Pre-Columbian terra cotta female figure holding her breasts; Egyptian bronze of Isis holding infant Horus, Late Dynastic Period; Cypriot terra cotta 1st Millennium BC fragment figurine of a female holding infant; Greco-Roman figurine of a standing female holding her stomach; Amlash 2nd-1st millennium BC terra cotta standing figure of a female holding child; Greek South Italian (Apulian) 400-300 BC red figure upper portion of a Lekanis vessel with female heads facing right and left; Roman Period, 4th-5th century, Eastern terra cotta relief plaque fragment, woman holding a breast in hand. Estimated Value $500 - UP
Private purchase from Superior Galleries 12-1-99.

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Lot 729
14K Yellow Gold Link Necklace with Silver Roman Coin; Gordian III- Roman Emperor, 238-244 A.D. 15" 14k yellow gold link necklace centered with an authentic silver Roman coin; Gordian III - Roman Emperor : 238-244 A.D. securely set in 14K yellow gold bezel. Total gross weight with coin is 18.2 grams. Estimated Value $500 - UP
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Lot 730
Authentic Roman Coin Necklace of Constantine the Great in Custom 14K Yellow Gold Bezel Together with Sterling Silver & 14K Gold Rope Chain. Fine striking Roman coin necklace of Constantine The Great, the first Christian Roman emperor, 307-337 AD. set in a custom 14K gold bezel suspended from a complimenting sterling silver and 14K yellow gold cable chain 17" in length having a total gross weight 20½ grams. Estimated Value $250 - UP
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