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The Nov 14-15, 2020 Collectibles Auction

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Lot 568
Hebrew Scroll of the Book of Esther Handwritten Text on 7 Panels of Estimated to Be 200 to 300 Years Old. Antique Hebrew scroll of the Book of Esther beautifully handwritten text on 7 panels of animal skin, likely cowhide. Scroll is comprised of 7 panels that have been stitched together that when measured is approximately 9½" tall and 104" in length. Our dating of the piece comes from the vendor on a typed information sheet explaining the use of such scrolls, how used and stored. Further it estimates at 300 years in age. However we unrolled the scroll completely and at the very end out fell a handwritten note on a torn, fragile piece paper written in pencil. The consignor never noticed it and I am not sure the vendor did either from decades past. It gives a provenance that this was "Bought by a Mr. Graham nephew of Mrs. Douglas who purchased in Jerusalem was thought 200 years old, more like 270." That's the entire note. Both pieces are included. From an on-line collector of scrolls we learned that "scrolls are made from animal skin, and the color is determined by the type of animal and method of curing the skin. The methods and animals used depend on the local resources, so color gives us a clue about where the scroll originally came from. For example, scrolls with a deep reddish/brown color usually come from North Africa. As the scroll ages, the color may either fade or deepen slightly, but remains largely the same. The final parchment is called either gevil or klaf depending on the quality and preparation method." Scroll is supple and save for rubs and discoloration from age, scroll is in excellent condition and displays beautifully. We are selling the scroll as is with this limited information that was included in the acquisition. Please feel free to inquire for more photos. Estimated Value $900 - UP
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Lot 569
Lurie, Solomon - Anti-Semitism in the Ancient World - Berlin 1923. In Russian. Solomon Lurie, Foremost authority and Soviet Jewish classicist on Ancient Rome- Anti-Semitism in the Ancient World - Grschebin Verlag, Berlin 1923 - In Russian - 216 pages - Hardcover, - Good condition, In Russian.

Historic examination by Solomon Lurie who belongs to the school of Substantialists, intellectuals who can take a rather provocative approach that consistent properties are inherent in peoples and to understand those people one must come to terms with those characteristics. But this book evidently examines assimilation over time (or lack there of) and in the modern view, borders on stereotype; an overriding opinion of the
Nevertheless an historic book published in Russia, and impossibly rare and worthy of catalog and further study. Also included are 22 postcards each printed with a cache of Russian propaganda images. Many of these images are considered masterpieces of Russian Constructivism and are some of the most prized posters worldwide. The postcards are also rare with the top card showing one of only a few thousand printed. Estimated Value $250 - UP
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Lot 570
Sharir, David: "The Seven Festivals" Complete Set of 7 Serigraphs in Original Folio and Hardcase (1938 -) David Sharir was born in Israel, studied art in Tel Aviv and continued his studies of architecture and theater design in Florence and Rome. In 1966 he moved to Jaffa, where he still resides today, and where he continued to elevate his unique style of creating whimsical works of Biblical themes combined with fantasy.
Offered in a monumental portfolio entitled The Seven Festivals Each serigraph measures 30 x 22" and is signed and numbered by the artist, with this issue numbered A32/225. The festivals celebrated in Sharir's gloriously colorful works are Shavuot, Pessach, Tu BiShvat, Hannukah, Sukkot, Purim and Rosh Hashanah. Serigraph enclosed in grey linen hardcover folio which is then fitted into a hard case covered in navy fabric and silver gilt letters 32 x 24". Serigraphs and folio in nearly mint condition; outside hard case very fine with some scuffs and dust. 19 pounds.

Estimated Value $500 - UP
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