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The Nov 14-15, 2020 Collectibles Auction

Businessmen and Professional Leaders
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Lot 125
Hughes, Howard; Rare Autograph Letter Signed ca. 1937 on Postal Telegraph Cablegram Forms. LOA by James Spence (1905-1976) One of the landmark figures of the 20th Century, Hughes' public persona was first as a film producer, studio head and director. His other business interest was in aviation as an engineer, celebrated speed flyer, construction and ultimately the owner of TWA, becoming one of the richest men in America, not only in his business endeavors but for his vast property holdings which eventually led him to Las Vegas. Notorious for the women he dated, his eccentric behavior and ultimately his slow decline into addiction and poor health, Hughes remained an iconic figure in American history for 50+ years as well as in pop-culture including his films HELL'S ANGELS and THE OUTLAW, his ownership of RKO Pictures, his near fearless acts as a test pilot, the Clifford Irving memoir scandal and eventual hoax, Melvin Dummar, gas station employee, and claimant to a portion of Hughes's will and many more examples.

Offered is this 4 page ALS (6½ x 8½) addressed to Colonel R.C. Kuldell, President of Hughes Tool thanking him for a letter dated Oct. 19 expressing surprise that a generating plant was being built and his concern that Noah Dietrich (In the 2004 Scorsese film THE AVIATOR, John C. Reilly played Dietrich to DiCaprio's Howard Hughes) had not relayed a message regarding the construction. But Hughes expresses hopes even with the construction he continues to "keep hitting the ball while we have a golden opportunity and drive…(to create opportunity)….away from rock bit and tool business." Hughes continues complimenting Kuldell at the improvement in California. Then Hughes pivots his concern regarding his brewery but expresses confidence in Kuldell pulling it out of its slump. "The main reason I have been concerned is that it is such a business of the public's fickle fancy, that it should be a lot easier to whip the problem now than to try and regain our position after the public has fallen into the habit of drinking someone else's beer." Hughes closes, " My warmest personal regards to you and your family, Howard"

Note: In 1933, Howard Hughes opened Gulf Brewing Company in Houston, Texas which bottled Grand Prize Beer hiring acclaimed Belgium brewmaster Frank Brogniez after prohibition to recreate his 1912 beer, Southern Select. For a time, Grand Prize was the #1 beer sold in Texas closing in 1963. R.C. retired/fired from Hughes Tool in 1939 after a corporate power play by Noah Dietrich.

Letter of authenticity from James Spence Authentication certifying all pages in Hughes' handwriting. Intriguing item and in excellent condition. Estimated Value $4,000 - UP
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Lot 126
Wells, Henry -- American Express Company Stock Certificate Signed as President Plus Merchants Union Express Co. Certificate Signed by E.P. Ross (1805-1878) American businessman instrumental in the formation of the American Express Company and Wells Fargo & Company. Document signed as president of American Express Company, being a stock certificate for two shares issued to Sarah M. Griswold, May 19, 1866. Fine condition. With a stock certificate for ten shares of Merchants Union Express Co, issued to J.N. Knapp of Auburn, NY, Jan.1, 1869, signed by E.P. Ross as president. Fine. The two companies merged in 1868 to form the American Merchants Union Express. In 1873 the name was changed to American Express Company. Estimated Value $300 - UP
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