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Space Flights
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Lot 982
The Dr. Max Kronstein 25 Year Collection of Postmarked Covers (15 Signed), Rocketry-ASTP. Famous for His Air Mails to the Moon, 595 Total. Dr. Max Kronstein, proved quite the early authority on Rocket Mail even publishing two histories; "Pioneer Airpost Flights of the World 1830-1935" and "Rocket Mail Post Flights of the World to 1986". This collection has just one piece of flown rocket mail, launched the same day as Apollo 16 on a RRI rocket (#508 of 575.) But what it does have is a remarkable collection of postmarked covers, all commemorative issues and many of his making with another philatelic expert in Austria. There are 17 signed covers including Moonwalkers Buzz Aldrin (with Zarelli LOA) Ed Mitchell (x2) Gene Cernan (x2) and Harrison Schmitt.

But Dr. Kronstein earned a highly publicized reputation for sending postmarked Air Mail covers addressed to astronauts on the moon as well as his friend and father of Rocket Mail, Friedrich Schmiedl. Ridiculous yes, but many postmasters played along with notations of not yet having set up delivery service on the lunar surface, most especially the postmaster in Krieglach, Austria. The lot has numerous examples of these pieces beginning with Neil Armstrong.

Collection includes: 9 Air Mails to the moon, 24 Schmiedl flight covers, 9 Gemini covers, 29 Apollo 1 covers, two Apollo 4 covers, 8 Apollo 5 covers, 6 Apollo 6 covers, 10 Apollo 7 covers, 19 Apollo 8 covers, 15 Apollo 9 covers, 16 Apollo 10 covers, 48 Apollo 11 covers, 20 Apollo 12 covers, 31 Apollo 13 covers, 74 Apollo 14 covers 43 Apollo 15 covers, 30 Apollo 16 covers, 76 Apollo 17 covers and 58 ASTP covers. Beautifully kept collection. Lots of material here worth previewing in person. Estimated Value $1,500 - UP
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Lot 983
Trove of 65 Autographed Covers by the Illustrators of the Postal Stamps Affixed, Most First Day of Issue including Robert McCall & Paul Calle. Postal Stamps have celebrated aviation and aerospace accomplishment for 80+ years. The illustrators of those stamps have proven to be some of the most accomplished illustrators of the 20th Century. This collection recognizes 4 landmark postage stamp illustrators. Probably the most famous is Robert McCall, a long time illustrator spanning decades with his most famous works for NASA and of course three of the film posters for Kubrick's 2001: a space odyssey. McCall has hand illustrated two covers with the Earth and sun with the Viking missions to Mars being a First Day Issue. There are also 6 autographed covers First Day Issues: two of the 10¢ Skylab stamps, and eight (8) of the double 8¢ Decade of Achievement stamps. One Charles De M. Barnes autographed First Day Issue covers for Project Mercury stamps postmarked Cape Canaveral Feb 20, 1962. One autographed First Day Issue post card with the famous Apollo 8 Earthrise Photo designed by Leovani Buckley. Finally 50 specially printed First Day covers all with the same cachet on left side that explains the First Man On The Moon 10¢ stamp to the right side is designed by Paul Calle who has autographed all 50. Great for dealers and collectors alike. Estimated Value $300 - UP
From The Collection of Alden T. Barnes.

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Lot 984
500+ Different Space Covers all Post Marked the Bulk at Cape Canaveral/Kennedy Space Center. Great Number of 1st Day Issues. Excellent collection of over 500 space covers representing NASA and Aerospace from the late 1960s to the middle of the Shuttle Program. Covers are all different with a great many first day issue. Almost all are postmarked at Cape Canaveral/Kennedy Space Center and know this collection has been beautifully archived. Perfect for any level of collector and an opportunity for dealers. Estimated Value $250 - UP
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Lot 985
Two Rare Chinese Flown Covers in Deluxe Presentations: Shen Zhou Hao 1st Flight and the 20th Recovery Satellite. The Shenzhou program was an aggressive initiative in China to ultimately get a man in space. Test missions leading up to the flight were undertaken and the first test flight was launched on November 1999. On the flight, in cooperation with Chinese Space Foundation, 833 covers were flown then safely landed by parachute in Inner Mongolia. 1.) From the first flight is cover #151 presented in a deluxe folio with original jacket envelope that contains a block of 12 of the gorgeous silver commemorative stamps, a three page COA and the tipped-in flown cover with commemorative stamps canceled with launch date. 2.) The second flown cover is from the 20th Recovery Satellite in an equally impressive commemorative folio with three page COA and is #55. Estimated Value $250 - UP
From The Celebrated Collection of Alden T. Barnes.

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Lot 986
150 Original Aerospace Related Cloth Patches from the 1960s to Present Day, Some Quite Obscure but All Striking Designs. Outstanding collection of 150 original cloth patches from the 1960s to the present day. Patches represent a huge diversity of interest with respect to flown missions, NASA, NASA contractors, NASA commemorative or anniversary patches, payloads flown, Aerospace firms and the military. Many of the patches are so obscure we have never seen them before. But the designs, especially in the more recent years are absolutely great. Fine collection for any level of collector and certainly a trove for dealers. In very fine to mint condition. Estimated Value $150 - UP
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Lot 987
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Lot 988
STS-51L Comdr. Dick Scobee Signed 747 Space Shuttle Aircraft Cover Plus Challenger Commemorative Signed by Artist With Written Personal Reflections. Lt. Colonel Dick Scobee (1939-1986) was a pilot and combat aviator during the Vietnam War and later became an Air Force test pilot. In 1985 Scobee was assigned to command the ill-fated STS-51-L mission. The mission, designed to deploy a satellite to study the approaching Halley's Comet and to inaugurate the Teacher in Space Project, exploded 73 seconds into the flight, killing all aboard. This lot consists of a signed cover by Scobee of the 747 Shuttle Carrying Aircraft Proficiency Test that he commanded, which is very nicely presented with a photo of his Challenger crew. The second piece is a framed and signed memorial photo of STS-51-L signed by the artist Bill Corey. On verso, written on back of frame is a heartfelt note of just what it meant to have his work selected and what it meant to be a NASA team member with the crew. Framed cover is 16 x 13" and framed memorial photo 28 x 23". Estimated Value $150 - UP
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Lot 989
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