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September 1-4, 2019 Pre Long Beach Auction

U.S. Copper Coins
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Lot 301
1839 N-10 R3 Booby Head NGC graded AU55. Frosty light olive and steel brown with peeps of lighter faded red in a few places on the reverse. Very lightly burnished and retoned. The only mark is a thin, barely visible diagonal planchet lamination under the bust tip (as struck). MDS. Our grade is net VF35. The NGC label incorrectly calls this the N-5 die variety. Estimate Value $700 - UP
Ex Heritage Auctions 2/5/2014:7050 (where misattributed as the more common N-5 variety)-The Westwood Collection (lot ticket included).
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Lot 302
1839 N-11 R1 Booby Head NGC graded AU53. Glossy medium olive and chocolate brown. Smooth and mark-free, just lightly worn. LDS. The die lines under ONE are gone and most of the dentils on both sides are weak. Our grade is EF40. The attribution and Reiver provenance are noted on the NGC label. Estimate Value $425 - UP
Ex Jules Reiver, Heritage Auctions 1/30/2005:28347-unknown-Heritage Auctions 2/27/2014:7096-The Westwood Collection (last lot ticket included).
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Lot 303
1839 N-12 R4 Booby Head VF20. Glossy light olive and steel brown. The surfaces are smooth and the only marks are two thin nicks in the field close before the nose, a tiny planchet lamination near the dentils over star 11 (as struck), and a pinprick hidden under the D in UNITED. LDS with a complete bisecting die crack from the rim at star 4 to the rim below star 11. A neat die state for this tough die variety. Estimate Value $675 - UP
Ex John D. Wright at the 1981 EAC Convention-Ed Jasper at the 2001 EAC Convention-Philip Moore 1/7/2016-The Westwood Collection (includes the Jasper/Moore collection envelope).
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Lot 304
1839 N-13 R2 NGC graded MS61 Brown. Frosty medium brown and light chocolate. Satiny mint frost covers the fields and protected areas on both sides. Looks mint state but there is a touch of friction on the highest points of the devices. No spots or stains the only marks are a tiny tick in the field before the forehead and a microscopic tick on the top of the ear. There are traces of soft dirt in some of the protected places (should be easy to remove if desired). M-LDS. The final die crack through ES in STATES to the dentils over the adjacent O is faint but visible while the earlier crack at NITED STATE is dull but clear. Our grade is AU55. Estimate Value $775 - UP
Ex Heritage Auctions 6/4/2014:7125-The Westwood Collection (lot ticket included).
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Lot 305
1839 N-14 R3 Booby Head MS60. Frosty medium brown and chocolate with traces of mint red remaining on the reverse. The fields are satiny and the eye appeal of this cent is outstanding. The notable marks are a few tiny ticks on the rim over star 9 and a faint lamination in the dentils at star 12. LDS. The rims are slightly dished and the fields and covered with fine die flowlines while several of the stars have their points drawn to the rim. Much of the peripheral detail has been weakened by flowlines and die wear but the central details are sharp. In addition the lowest curl over star 13 is softly struck (caused by a clog in the die). Otherwise this cent is choice. The reverse is cracked, as always, through the tops of STATES OF A. Called MS60 and tied for CC#5 in the Noyes census, his photo #27016. Removed from a PCGS slab graded MS63BN (PCGS label #37255.63/15115722 included, and it shows the attribution and Holmes provenance). Estimate Value $2,400 - UP
Ex George Ramont-Jules Reiver, Heritage 1/24/2006:20138-Daniel W. Holmes, Jr., McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 5/30/2010:560-Chris McCawley 7/2013-Robert Kellert-Kevin Vinton FPL#1 11/3/2017:115-The Westwood Collection (includes the Reiver lot ticket and Holmes collection envelope).
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Lot 306
1839 N-15 R5+ Booby Head VG8. Glossy medium brown and light chocolate with a spot of reddish brown toning high on the neck. The surfaces are smooth with only minor contact marks consistent with the grade. The notable ones are a light rim bruise under star 11, a few tiny rim nicks at stars 5-7, and short horizontal scratches at ONE CENT. The attribution points are clear. Estimate Value $750 - UP
Cherrypicked by Joe D'Agostino in the 1990's-Tom Reynolds 2/1/2013-The Westwood Collection.
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Lot 307
1839 N-15 R5+ Booby Head G4. A few points sharper but there are some contact marks including a vertical scratch behind the ear and a horizontal scratch from the truncation through star 12. Glossy medium brown and light chocolate. The date is clear and the legends on the reverse are weak but easily readable. Estimate Value $175 - UP
Ex Henry T. Hettger 2/7/2004-The Westwood Collection (includes the Hettger collection envelope).
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