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January 27-30, 2019 Long Beach

Liberty Cap Cents
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Lot 435
1794 S-22 R1 PCGS graded MS63 Brown. Very attractive glossy tan and golden brown with darker steel brown toning on the highpoints. Puffs of darker steel brown toning are scattered over the reverse. Frosty luster shows in the fields and protected areas on both sides and this cent has mint state eye appeal in spite of a touch of rub on the highpoints of the portrait. The surfaces are perfectly smooth and the only notable marks are a pair of nicks high on the cheek and a small planchet chip on the rim at the first A in AMERICA (as struck). M-LDS, Breen state VII. A fine die crack reaches from the rim through the 4 to the truncation but goes no farther and the "Mounds" on the reverse are well advanced. Called EF45 net EF40 Average Plus and tied for CC#9 in the Noyes census, his photo #34041. Our grade is EF45. This variety, while relatively common in lower grades, is unknown in true Mint State by EAC standards. This is certainly one of the better ones, and it comes with an important provenance. The attribution is noted on the PCGS label. Pop 2; tied for the finest examples graded at both services for the variety. Estimate Value $20,000 - UP
Ex Anderson Dupont Sale, Stack's 9/24/1954:30-Jack H. Robinson-McLaughlin & Robinson Auctions 9/19/1987:144-Evan L. Kopald, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 1/9/1993:30 (plated)-unknown-McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 8/31/2014:139.
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Lot 436
1794 S-44 R1 VF20. Very attractive glossy light to medium chocolate brown. The surfaces are smooth and the eye appeal of this piece is outstanding for the grade. The only mark, and it is not distracting, is a rim bruise over the O in OF. The obverse is flawless. MDS, Breen state III early, with a fine die crack from the dentils left of the O in OF down to the wreath. A very nice mid-grade 1794 cent. Estimate Value $1,500 - UP
Ex Ray Fullop-Dr. William M. Schwartz.
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Lot 437
1794 S-72 R2 Exact Head of 1795 Basal State-1. Glossy light chocolate brown and steel. No roughness or verdigris and the toning is attractive, but this cent was beat up around the rims and there are some scratches around the date. Nonetheless the date is easily readable and enough of the details remain to make attribution a relatively easy task. This cent was struck twice. The first strike was normal and centered on the planchet but the cent failed to completely eject from the coining chamber before a new blank planchet was inserted. The second strike left a strong impression of the upper part of the reverse about 60% off center to K-5 on the reverse while the opposing portion of the obverse was impressed into the new blank planchet rather than the obverse die. This left a large indent on the obverse while creating an off-center obverse brockage on the second planchet. The details in the off-center strike on the reverse are strong and would grade at least VG8. In spite of the damage this is a remarkable mint error, and the error is obvious at arm's length. Estimate Value $500 - UP
Ex Providence Collection, NASCA 7/16/1981:489-R. Tettenhorst 2018-Tettenhorst Estate (includes the NASCA lot envelope).
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Lot 438
1795 S-76a R5 Lettered Edge VG10. Attractive glossy medium chocolate brown and steel with slightly lighter steel brown toning on the devices. The surfaces are smooth and evenly worn, and the only notable mark is a strong, pre-striking impression in the planchet at UNI. This defect appears to have been present in the planchet strip, probably near the edge or end of the strip, before the planchet was cut out. The opposing rim at the top of the cap is slightly beveled, and this flaw appears to be mint-made as well. The date and legends are all clear and the edge lettering is complete. MDS, Breen state II, with dull die clashmarks. Weight 193.5 grains with a constant diameter of 29.0mm. Estimate Value $800 - UP
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