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January 27-30, 2019 Long Beach

Classic Head Half Cents
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Lot 428
  Lot of 6 Half Cents, 1809-1835, grading VF. Includes one each 1809, 1825, 1826, 1833, 1834, and 1835. All are VF30 to EF45 sharpness but with some defects such as nicks or recoloring. Inspection recommended. Lot of 6 coins. Estimate Value $300 - UP
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Lot 429
1810 C-1 R1 VF30. Sharpness AU50 but there is a light scratch from the bust tip to star 4. Otherwise the surfaces are smooth and mark-free and the eye appeal is quite nice. Glossy dark steel and olive brown. LDS. The repunching at the left bottom of the 0 in the date is gone. Estimate Value $250 - UP
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Lot 430
1811 C-1 R3 G5. Slightly glossy olive brown and chocolate with lighter steel brown toning on the devices. A dull pinch on the rim at star 7 is the only notable mark, and it is not significant. Terminal die state with a large cud break involving the first 4 stars. A scarce and very popular die state for this variety. Estimate Value $200 - UP
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Lot 431
  Trio of Half Cents, 1828-1832, grading EF40. Includes 1828 13-stars, 1829, and 1832. All are glossy brown and chocolate with smooth surfaces and excellent eye appeal. A nice trio. Lot of 3 coins. Estimate Value $300 - UP
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Lot 432
1847 Second Restrike Breen 1-C R6- NGC graded Proof-62 Brown. Reverse of 1840. Golden tan and light olive with a splash of reddish steel toning at star 12 and hints of iridescence on both sides. There are faint hairlines in the fields on both sides and traces of carbon around star 12 and under the triangle of the 4. Probably lightly cleaned or brushed long ago but the fields on both sides are reflective. Our grade is Proof-60. This half cent was part of the famous Missouri Cabinet Collection that we sold in our 1/26/2014 sale, but it was inadvertently left behind in possession of Mr. Tettenhorst. And it comes with a nice provenance. Weight 86.4 grains. Pop 1; 15 finer at NGC. Estimate Value $2,250 - UP
Ex Joseph Brobston, Stack's FPL #69 1/1963-unknown-Auction '86 (Paramount) 7/26/1986:1510 (as Proof-63 Choice, plated)-Tony Terranova 5/10/1987-R. Tettenhorst (The Missouri Cabinet Collection) 2018-Tettenhorst Estate (includes the Tettenhorst collection envelope).
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Lot 433
1852 First Restrike Proof Breen 1-B R5 PCGS graded PR66 Brown, CAC Approved. Reverse of 1856. Beautiful golden light brown with delicate overtones of bluish steel in protected areas. The fields are highly reflective with deep mirrors on both sides and this piece has outstanding eye appeal. The only notable marks are two tiny struck-through lines in the field right of star 6 and another under star 8, as minted. A knife edge shows on the left half of the obverse. This piece was struck twice, and the second impression was rotated 30 degrees CCW on the obverse (CW on the reverse, of course). The undertype bust and neck show very faintly in the field left of the bust and neck of the second impression (clearest off the bust tip), UNI shows more clearly under the wreath ribbon, and the C from CENT is clearly visible under the CE in CENT of the second strike. Additional very faint traces of undertype are visible on both sides. Stars 9-11 are flatly struck as a result of the rotated second impression but everything else is nicely struck up. An outstanding mint error; extremely rare on a proof strike. Our grade is Proof-64, close to gem. Weight 78.4 grains. Comes with a great provenance. The attribution and Missouri Cabinet provenance are shown on the PCGS label. Pop 3; tied for the finest examples graded at both services. Estimate Value $9,000 - UP
Ex Dr. Charles S. Ruby, Superior Stamp and Coin Company, Inc., 2/11/1974:303 ($925.00)-William K. Raymond 9/8/1976-R. Tettenhorst-Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society (EPNNES)-Missouri Cabinet Collection, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 1/26/2014:206 (includes the Dr. Ruby and Missouri Cabinet collection envelopes and lot tickets).
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Lot 434
1855 C-1 R1 NGC graded MS64 Brown. Lustrous medium steel brown with attractive overtones of light bluish steel in protected areas and a few peeps of faded mint color on the reverse. The surfaces are satiny and the eye appeal is excellent. No spots or stains. The only marks are some microscopic ticks on the face and in the field off the chin, and you need a good glass to see them. MDS. Many of the dentils are not fully struck up, as normal for this date. Our grade is MS62. A nice piece for a type set. The attribution is noted on the NGC label. Estimate Value $375 - UP
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